Web Page Reviews - 2009 - December

Free guide to computer and data security threats. (2009-12)
Collection of pictures of animals, herbs, petroglyphs, pictographs, rock art, reptiles, bugs, birds, mammals, nature, and parks. (2009-12)
Science views  (keywords: Science, general)
Zoom in to view details of recent earthquakes around the world. (2009-12)
Earthquake details  (keywords: Earth sciences)
Collection of thousands of wildlife videos, images, and fact files, with special focus on world's threatened species. (2009-12)
Riveting talks by remarkable people. Select "View all tags" to display all talk subjects. (2009-12)
Talks  (keywords: News, generalPeople, general)
Play these together, some or all, starting them at any time, in any order. (2009-12)
Pie charts representing proportional coloring in international flags. Click on pies to display flag. (2009-12)
Flag coloring  (keywords: Art, general)
Folk tunes from America and the British Isles in midi format. (2009-12)
Folk tunes  (keywords: Music, folk)
How to hollow a book in 80 easy steps (2009-12)
Web site dedicated to all interesting vehicles, from sports cars and super bikes to powerboats and miniature submarines. (2009-12)
Desino-art  (keywords: Transportation, general)
544 animated piano chord diagrams. (2009-12)
Click on any piano note to hear basic chords. Also see and hear additional chord variations below the keyboard. (2009-12)
Chinese game of Tangram - assemble seven flat shapes, called tans, to form shapes. (2009-12)
Click anywhere and draw. (2009-12)
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with historical pictures. (2009-12)
Mozilla Firefox cheat sheet for XP machines. (2009-12)
Click on "Pictorial Guide to Computer Hardware" for cool downloadable poster of computer hardware. (2009-12)
Photographs from Britain and around the world, covering variety of topics from politics and current events to celebrity and royalty. (2009-12)
World photos  (keywords: Photography, general)
Anatomy of a Black Hole animation presents theories of what happens inside black holes. (2009-12)
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Earthquakes recorded in the past seven days. (2009-12)
Air Show Buzz contains large collection of pictures and videos from air shows. (2009-12)
Air Show Buzz  (keywords: Aircraft, showsPhotography, aircraft)
Beginner's guide to dealing with the Blue Screen of Death. (2009-12)
Why and how to carve marble, limestone, soapstone, and alabaster sculptures. (2009-12)
Stone shaper  (keywords: Art, sculpture)
Web cam of Australian Antarctic Division research site. See "About Us" for chilly goals, staff, science projects, sea and air transport, other research sites, time lapse movies of various sites, and more. (2009-12)
Antarctic research  (keywords: Earth sciences)
One hundred years of Oldsmobile innovation, with pictures, ads, and videos. (2009-12)
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