Photography, general (50)

100 best photographs ever taken without Photoshop (so someone says). (2024-01)
Attractive photography without Photoshop  (keywords: Photography, general)
You can't believe everything you read or see. How to tell if an image has been manipulated or Photoshopped (2021-02)
Has image been manipulated?  (keywords: Photography, general)
How to send pictures to a cell phone. (2020-10)
Send photos to smartphone  (keywords: Phones, generalPhotography, general)
High resolution panoramic photography, primarily of the Lower Silesia region of Poland, but also of other European locations. (2018-02)
Silesia, Poland  (keywords: Photography, general)
Fascinating video photography from an expedition to some very chilly places. (8-min. video) (2017-11)
Chilly expedition  (keywords: Photography, general)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) technique imaging is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures than normal digital imaging techniques. Here are 35 examples. (2016-12)
HDR  (keywords: Photography, general)
Browse through vintage photos of personalities, events, and locations. Or "Browse by Decade" on the right. (2014-11)
Vintage photo albums  (keywords: Photography, general)
Companion site to British photo magazine - tips, tutorials, reviews, beginner section, and more. (2013-11)
Digital Camera World  (keywords: Photography, general)
Collections of vintage photo albums. Scroll down along right side of page to view album topics. (2013-06)
Vintage photo albums  (keywords: Photography, general)
Random photos of people, places, and things, many with map coordinates and exposure details. (2013-02)
Random pictures  (keywords: Photography, general)
A portion of the vast cache of National Geographic's photography. Select 'Galleries', 'Photo of the Day', or 'Wallpapers' (2012-01)
National Geographic - photos  (keywords: Photography, general)
Selecting and using photographic equipment and accessories, image editing, digital printing, photography tips, and a glossary. (2011-11)
Exposure guide  (keywords: Photography, general)
Selecting and using photographic equipment and accessories, image editing, digital printing, photography tips, and a glossary. (2011-10)
Exposure guide  (keywords: Photography, general)
Extensive collection of panoramic photos: international landmarks, Detroit RenCen and ruins, museums, auto shows, air balloons, scenery, and more. Rotate and zoom with mouse or screen buttons. (2010-04)
Photo-jpl  (keywords: Local, generalPhotography, general)
Free collection of 32 and 64 bit RAW image decoders for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. (2010-04)
Image decodors  (keywords: Photography, generalWindows, general)
The panorama and time lapse photography are of particular interest here. (2010-02)
Pano photos  (keywords: Photography, general)
Photographs from Britain and around the world, covering variety of topics from politics and current events to celebrity and royalty. (2009-12)
World photos  (keywords: Photography, general)
NASA astronomy picture of the day for the past 14 years. (2009-11)
NASA - antwrpl  (keywords: Astronomy, generalPhotography, generalSpace, general)
Click on a series of international city pictures to cause the lights to fade for Earth Hour 2009. (2009-09)
Earth hour '09  (keywords: Photography, general)
A professional photographer can be worth the cost. (2009-06)
Awkward pictures  (keywords: Humor, generalPhotography, general)
Hover with mouse in any direction and click to reveal other related Flickr images. (2009-03)
Related images  (keywords: Photography, general)
Online downloadable depth of field tables and calculators. (2009-02)
Depth of field tools  (keywords: Photography, general)
Thousands of public domain stock photographs. (2009-01)
PdPhoto  (keywords: Photography, general)
Search engine for free photos from many sources and license specifics. (2008-09)
Stock photo  (keywords: Photography, general)
Of particular interest are the time lapse videos of Toronto's skyline. Select "Archives", then "time lapse". (2008-02)
Time lapse Toronto  (keywords: Photography, general)
Discover great photos and learn about and discuss photography and photo equipment. (2008-02)
Photo net  (keywords: Photography, general)
Discussion forums, user contributed articles and reviews, community photo galleries, download resources, and news from the digital photography world. (2008-02)
Shuttertalk  (keywords: Photography, general)
Photos of nature, panoramas, lighthouses, landscapes, plants, industry, and more. (2008-01)
Wild nature images  (keywords: Photography, general)
Select PHOTOS or PLANE FUN for collections of commercial aircraft photos. (2007-11)
Airliners - photos  (keywords: Aircraft, generalAirline, generalMilitary, generalPhotography, general)
Digital photography tutorials. Select 'Tutorials'. (2007-04)
Digital tutorials  (keywords: Photography, general)
Information on processes and techniques of modern photography; basic to advanced. (2006-11)
Focus on photography  (keywords: Photography, general)
Post 9/11 photos of Ground Zero in NYC. (2006-10)
Post-9/11  (keywords: History, generalPhotography, general)
Imaginative and entertaining image/audio/video/flash creations? You decide. (2004-12)
Albino Black Sheep  (keywords: PCs, entertainmentPhotography, general)
Thousands of aircraft photos - commercial, private, military, antique, gliders, blimps, historic, cockpits, cabins, paint schemes, etc.. (2004-12)
Airliners - photos  (keywords: Aircraft, generalAirline, generalMilitary, generalPhotography, general)
European site with photos, descriptions and specs of US Navy vessels and vehicles. (2004-12)
Navy site - photos  (keywords: Military, generalPhotography, general)
Photographic history of the US Navy. (2004-12)
NavSource Online - USS Ronald Reagan  (keywords: Military, generalPhotography, general)
For automotive fans, click on the "magazine" option here for hundreds of 'car of the week', 'news' and 'features' articles/photos of European cars. (2004-12)
Classic Driver webzine  (keywords: Automotive, generalPhotography, general)
Hundreds of high quality digital images pertaining to the historic manned lunar landing program. (2004-11)
Apollo archive  (keywords: Photography, generalSpace, general)
Statistics of over 1000 US cities: maps, satellite photos, race, education, crime, income, and more. (2004-09)
City data  (keywords: Photography, generalStatistics, general)
The goal of this project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. You can help. (2004-09)
Degree Confluence Project  (keywords: Geography, generalPhotography, general)
Lots of high quality photography of aircraft shows and museums, and birds, insects and reptiles. (2004-09)
Richard Seaman  (keywords: Museum, generalPhotography, general)
Visit the ruins of once vibrant buildings of New England. Select a site, and then click the previous and next buttons for additional photos. (2004-05)
New England Ruins  (keywords: Photography, general)
View stained glass art in various US and UK religious buildings. (2004-02)
Stained Glass Photography  (keywords: Photography, general)
Over 4000 panoramic pictures from the two previous centuries. Beauty contests, disasters, bridges, canals, fairs, military and naval activities, schools and college campuses, sports, landscapes and transportation. (2004-01)
Library of Congress - Taking the Long View  (keywords: Government, generalHistory, generalPhotography, general)
NASA's astronomy picture of the day. Some terrific photography, including aerial pictures of sections of the earth. See view of Mt. Etna's 1/2/03 eruption from the International Space Station, plus hundreds more. (2003-09)
NASA - antwrpl  (keywords: Astronomy, generalPhotography, generalSpace, general)
Some stunning photography of the Arctic, although individual photos are not identified as to subject or location. Register to gain access to a larger gallery. (2003-06)
Artic Images - picture gallery  (keywords: Photography, general)
If you are looking for a digital camera, DP Review is a good spot to comparison shop. You will be able to look at the various features of the digital camera and then you will be able to compare cameras against one another. You will also be able to see what the suggested retail price is, and what the camera is selling for in the real world. (2003-03)
DP Review  (keywords: Photography, generalPublications)
Do you need some help with that new digital camera? Are you having problems with that old film camera? Photograph tips offers you a search engine to get help for your photographic questions. You will also find a "what's new" section that will show pictures, what is new in photographic supplies and other neat things to do. (2003-01)
Photography tips  (keywords: Photography, general)
This site contains extensive reviews and side by side comparisons of digital cameras, with sample photos, color patches and resolution charts of each camera, plus a discussion forum and glossary of digital terms, and vast photo galleries. (2002-10)
DP Review  (keywords: Photography, generalPublications)
You may enjoy the site of this photographic artist, who creates colorful and intriguing art in pictures (magazine covers, advertising, still life, fashion, etc.). (2001-06)
Howard  (keywords: Photography, general)

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