Web Page Reviews - 2010 - March

The best part of this Wisconsin railway museum site is this catalog of their vast collection of railway equipment, with pictures and descriptions. (2010-03)
Comical video collection of mostly dogs, along with articles and resources for a healthy and entertaining dog's life. (2010-03)
Every day, licensed software is offered free for download which you'd have to purchase otherwise. Must be installed when downloaded. In many cases, software obtained from here is not tech supported or upgradeable to future versions. Read the small print for each offer. (2010-03)
Giveaways  (keywords: Software, free)
Site finds sales on your preferred clothing brands in your size in your vicinity, after registration. (2010-03)
Preferred clothes  (keywords: Clothing, general)
Business news and information in and around Detroit. (2010-03)
Michigan news  (keywords: Business, newsLocal, generalLocal, generalNews, general)
Daily blog that features tips, shortcuts, and downloads that help you get things done smarter and more efficiently. (2010-03)
Get it done  (keywords: Organization)
Panoramic scenery of Colorado mountains. Requires installation of QuickTime viewer. (2010-03)
CO mountains  (keywords: Photography, panoramaTravel, CO)
Listen to your favorite music, sports, and talk on car and internet radio stations or search by category for new ones among the thousands available. (2010-03)
John C. Dvorak's view and opinion on everything technical - news, reviews, whitepapers, and toys. View weekly show video episode. (2010-03)
Move mouse in any direction to change the kaleidoscope design. (2010-03)
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A very realistic floor plan and landscape design tool, with a 3D viewing option. Register to save your designs. (2010-03)
Consumer education campaign about the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance, and repair. View interactive displays and videos. Place order for 60 page car care guide. (2010-03)
Car care  (keywords: Automotive, maintenance)
Links to the US Paralympic Team, athletes' profiles, televised paralympic events and videos, and more. (2010-03)
Donate computer and medical supply equipment to non profit organization in Shelby Township for recycling and reuse to needy clients. Equipment must be in good working condition. This is not a junk yard. (2010-03)
Enter your birth year and sit back for a description of life way back then. (2010-03)
What happened  (keywords: History, general)
Panoramic views of scenic Utah. (2010-03)
UT scenery  (keywords: Photography, panoramaTravel, UT)
Create a PDF file which can be printed and folded to create a detailed paper CD case. Also searches and imports data for commercial discs. (2010-03)
Paper CD case  (keywords: CD/DVD)
Four time lapse videos of the Alps during day and night. (2010-03)
Free 'Fences' tool helps you organize your desktop and can hide icons when they're not in use. (2010-03)
Fences utility  (keywords: Software, free)
Free tool checks each web page in real time before it opens on your PC. If it sees trouble ahead, it stops you. Watch the demo. (2010-03)
Link Scanner  (keywords: Software, free)
Extensive Norwegian collection of brochures and pictures of US and international classic, street, racing, specialty, and rusty cars, trucks, motor homes, motorbikes, cycles, and parts from the 1920's forward. (2010-03)
Lov2xlr8  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Enter a street address and see panoramic views of surrounding areas. 'Stickman' icon indicates map location and view direction. Look for 'blue' streets. (2010-03)
Virtual turnpike  (keywords: Local, mapsMaps, panoramaPhotography, panorama)
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