Web Page Reviews - 2010 - April

Keep track of legislation in Lansing and of your legislators' voting records, including recent bills introduced and laws passed. (2010-04)
Michigan votes  (keywords: Local, generalPolitics)
Move and angle the ramps to get the ball into the bucket. First 20 levels are easy, but then... (2010-04)
Ramps  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Free downloadable Windows 7 shortcuts document. (2010-04)
Win7 shortcuts  (keywords: Windows, Windows 7, general)
Click the ball to change its color. Yes, it can be done. (2010-04)
Color ball  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Look here for current, obsolete, or hard to find window and door replacement hardware. Also some DIY and FAQ tips. (2010-04)
Door parts  (keywords: Home, maintenanceHome, repairs)
With free membership, view over 200 video recipes and 300 cooking tips videos. (2010-04)
Video recipes  (keywords: Cooking, generalFood, recipes)
Free tutorials for making salsa, managing your money, hiring a professional speaker, studying for a certification, and so much more. (2010-04)
Learn that  (keywords: Do It Yourself)
Free collection of 32 and 64 bit RAW image decoders for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. (2010-04)
Image decodors  (keywords: Photography, generalWindows, general)
Capture your past on a very small scale but make it look real. Or is it really real?? (2010-04)
Really real?  (keywords: Art, automotiveAutomotive, general)
The drama button, for all of life's unnecessary drama. (2010-04)
Drama button  (keywords: Useless)
Bored? Take some free online classes in Roman Architecture, or Organic Chemistry, or Computer Programming, or select from dozens of others, all from leading universities. (2010-04)
Online training  (keywords: Education, general)
Presentation strolls through music, TV, events, and life of the 60's. Pause and reverse buttons in lower right corner. (2010-04)
Detroit radio history; jingles, stickers, personality audio files, commercials, hit lists, sports tunes, and more. (2010-04)
Extensive collection of panoramic photos: international landmarks, Detroit RenCen and ruins, museums, auto shows, air balloons, scenery, and more. Rotate and zoom with mouse or screen buttons. (2010-04)
Photo-jpl  (keywords: Local, generalPhotography, general)
Know when you can reuse old calendars. (2010-04)
Calendars reuse  (keywords: Calendars)
Free tool tracks the movement of your mouse pointer onto a blank screen. (2010-04)
Mouse tracker  (keywords: Computers, hardware, generalWindows, utilities)
Tutorials on Windows 7 topics. (2010-04)
Win 7 tutorials  (keywords: Windows, Windows 7, general)
Unique series of challenges using the scroll wheel of your mouse. Watch the time. (2010-04)
Record tripping  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, online)
Collection of comical pet videos. (2010-04)
Over 100 methods for storing and organizing cats. (2010-04)
Storing cats  (keywords: Animals, cats)
How to check whether your antivirus software's real time protection is working. the entire article, and then take the appropriate precautions. (2010-04)
Real-time AV  (keywords: Windows, utilities)
A comical view of why DRM doesn't work. (2010-04)
Sign up for tips newsletters on various subjects including MS Word and Excel, cooking, cleaning, gardening, finances, pets, and more. (2010-04)
Tips newsletter  (keywords: Do It YourselfOffice suites, general)
Free powerful MS Excel add in utility that fills the gaps in Excel and automates frequently used tasks with a set of 300 menu items. (2010-04)
Asap utilities  (keywords: Office suites, generalWindows, utilities)
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