Web Page Reviews - 2012 - May

Video of What the Space Shuttle booster saw. (2012-05)
21 things you need to know to buy the perfect laptop. (2012-05)
Most people don't pay much attention to fungi, which include things like mushrooms, molds, yeasts, and mildews. This blog is a place for fungi to share their stories. (2012-05)
Fungi stories  (keywords: Plants, fungi)
Loads of insults divided up into various categories from all walks of life and society. Don't forget to visit the Random Insult Generator. (2012-05)
Things to do, places to go for day trips in your locale. (2012-05)
Bring consumers the most comprehensive, scientific and trustworthy refrigerator reviews available. (2012-05)
Tens of thousands of broadband instructional, knowledge and lifestyle videos across 20 categories and 140 subcategories, which are professionally produced and brand safe. (2012-05)
View baby hummingbirds from egg to flight in very high quality pictures and videos. (2012-05)
Hummingbirds  (keywords: Birds)
By clicking on any body part in this anatomy chart you will be taken to the page with the muscle group's exercise information. You can also click on any of the exercise equipment to learn about exercising with them. (2012-05)
Body exercise  (keywords: Health, exercise)
Click mouth, nose, head and each eye to create different faces. 759,375 possibilities. (2012-05)
Test your typing speed and error rate, with typing tips, and a tool to type web pages. (2012-05)
Typing test 2  (keywords: PCs, typing)
Test your mousing target practice by clicking on moving target. (2012-05)
Target mousing  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Determine the approximate sleeping schedule of a twitter user based on the time when he or she stays least active on Twitter. (2012-05)
Twitter sleep  (keywords: Communication, social)
View colorful topological and geological maps of the country and each state. (2012-05)
Collection of works of "anomalous motion illusion". Should you feel dizzy, simply click elsewhere. (2012-05)
Motion illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Grab your mouse and play with these interactive illusion presentations. (2012-05)
Infographic presentation with a global look at personal income taxes. (2012-05)
Global income tax  (keywords: Taxes)
Video demonstrations of tying a dozen popular knots. (2012-05)
12 knots  (keywords: Knots)
Originations of slang terms in the early 1900's. Search by first cited date or alphabetically. (2012-05)
Digitalized collection of historical handheld electronic games. (2012-05)
Handheld games  (keywords: Games, handheld)
Guide penguins around the screen (rather slowly). (2012-05)
View local law enforcement incidents via interactive mapping or press releases. (2012-05)
Crimedar  (keywords: Law, enforcement)
Thirteen consecutive music videos comprising the Blues Brothers performance, the last act on the last night of Winterland 12/31/78. Entertaining electric blues. (2012-05)
Winterland  (keywords: Music, videos)
Several dozen videos demonstrating how to create hand embroidery stitches, bands, and knots. Select "How To Videos". (2012-05)
Hand embroidery  (keywords: Hobbies, embroidery)
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