Illusions (9)

Entertaining collection of old toys (many with video demonstration), illusions, and strange 'articles'. Start with the "Wolf and Pig Animation" there. (2013-09)
Old toys & illusions  (keywords: IllusionsToys)
Collection of works of "anomalous motion illusion". Should you feel dizzy, simply click elsewhere. (2012-05)
Motion illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Although a subscription website for teachers, there are categories of optical illusions and simple (maybe) games for free use. (2012-02)
E-chalk  (keywords: Games, generalIllusions)
Collection of optical illusions and pictures. (2008-12)
Optical illusions 123  (keywords: Illusions)
Optical illusions. Click on "View Thumbnails" to see more groups of illusions. (2008-11)
Mind fake  (keywords: Illusions)
A couple dozen dynamic optical illusions. (2008-01)
Skytopia  (keywords: Illusions)
Follow the instructions for an unusual visual sensation. (2007-02)
Strobe  (keywords: Illusions)
Original optical illusion artwork, plus numerous links to other optical illusion sites. (2005-06)
Optical illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Dizzying optical illusions. (2005-03)
Kitaoka's illusions  (keywords: Illusions)

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