Illusions (14)

Entertaining collection of old toys (many with video demonstration), illusions, and strange 'articles'. Start with the "Wolf and Pig Animation" there. (2013-09)
Old toys & illusions  (keywords: IllusionsToys)
Grab your mouse and play with these interactive illusion presentations. (2012-05)
Interactive illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Collection of works of "anomalous motion illusion". Should you feel dizzy, simply click elsewhere. (2012-05)
Motion illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Although a subscription website for teachers, there are categories of optical illusions and simple (maybe) games for free use. (2012-02)
E-chalk  (keywords: Games, generalIllusions)
Collection of optical illusions and pictures. (2008-12)
Optical illusions 123  (keywords: Illusions)
Optical illusions. Click on "View Thumbnails" to see more groups of illusions. (2008-11)
Mind fake  (keywords: Illusions)
A couple dozen dynamic optical illusions. (2008-01)
Skytopia  (keywords: Illusions)
Follow the instructions for an unusual visual sensation. (2007-02)
Strobe  (keywords: Illusions)
Original optical illusion artwork, plus numerous links to other optical illusion sites. (2005-06)
Optical illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
Dizzying optical illusions. (2005-03)
Kitaoka's illusions  (keywords: Illusions)
The sites of San Francisco's Exploratorium and England's Exploratory Science Centre are similar museums of science, art, and human perception, with virtual demonstrations, experiments, and illusions. Lots to do and learn. (2003-12)
Exploratorium  (keywords: Science)
Exploratory  (keywords: Illusions)
The Bristol Exploratory Science Center offers several illusions to test your mind and vision. (2003-02)
Bristol Exploratory Science Centere  (keywords: Illusions)
This is an interactive Guide to Optical Illusions. Explore interactive optical effects, illusions, distortions, animations, artwork, stories, Adobe® PDF projects, games and more. Choose a category and start exploring over seventy colorful exhibits and activities. (1999-12)
Sand Lot Science  (keywords: Illusions)
This is fun! Interactive Guide to Optical Illusions. Lots of exhibits. (By the way, scheduled your annual eye exam yet???) (1999-06)
Sand Lot Science  (keywords: Illusions)

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