Web Page Reviews - 2013 - May

Free open source utility organizes and processes collections of files on your PC according to rules which you define for them. (2013-05)
Watch full length classic movies from the 1910's to 1970's. (2013-05)
Search through America's historic newspapers from 1690 to present. Read digitized newspapers between 1836 and 1922. (2013-05)
Old newspapers  (keywords: Newspapers, historical)
Infographic of 50 hair facts. (2013-05)
Video of "What an Astronaut's Camera Sees at Night (from ISS)" with audio descriptions. Hold on, it's a fast ride. (2013-05)
Astronaut camera  (keywords: Space, station)
Generate maze puzzles using simple settings. (2013-05)
Russian website displays large photo collection of international classic and concept cars. Search by brand or milestone (year). (2013-05)
International classic/concept cars  (keywords: Automotive, general)
U. of California's free public gateway to more than 200,000 digitized items revealing the diverse history and culture of California: pictures, documents, art, ads, and more. (2013-05)
CA history & culture  (keywords: History, CA)
Reaction Time Test - test online or download locally. (2013-05)
Reaction test  (keywords: Health, reaction)
More than 2 billion free high resolution desktop wallpapers for Windows, Mac, and PSP. (2013-05)
Over 16,000 pictues of classic cars and trucks: photos, ads, articles, and more. (2013-05)
How to get to a human quickly on the phone. (2013-05)
Get 2 human  (keywords: Telephones, general)
Open source computer aided engineering Linux distribution CAElinux application, including documentation and video tutorials. Absolutely need an X86_64 compatible CPU to run latest version. Installs on Linux or Windows (see "Procedure") systems, or in VMWare or VirtualBox. (2013-05)
Caelinux  (keywords: Software, open source)
Nonprofit org in Michigan rescues discarded computers and returns some of them to useful service. Computers are checked, overhauled as needed, loaded with open source (free) software, and donated or sold. (2013-05)
View pictures, medals, profiles of servicemen and women represented on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Various browsing methods. (2013-05)
Vietnam Vet Wall  (keywords: Military, memorial)
About the history of our modern world that spawned political, technological, cultural, and social revolutions in the 80's. Maneuver via the arrows left/right/below, or slider bar at top. (2013-05)
Free Portable Ubuntu for Windows application runs an entire Linux operating system as a Windows application. Or carry it on a thumb drive. (2013-05)
Portable Ubuntu  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Infographic shows how to set up a file server using old computer parts and free Xubumtu. (2013-05)
Stories and pictures of hand built hot rods and customs from the 40's, 50's, and 60's in the Dearborn and southeast Michigan area, including video of Michigan's first legal drag racing event in 1953. (2013-05)
Dearborn hot rods  (keywords: Automotive, generalLocal, automotive)
Color coded animation shows nonnative American nations' control over North America since 1750. (2013-05)
N. America history  (keywords: History, North America)
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