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If you have vintage PC hardware with a 32-bit processor (CPU) and you would like to keep on using it, here are 15 Linux distros with 32-bit support. (2023-06)
32-bit Linux distros  (keywords: Linux, distros)
History of Linux distros. (8-min. video) (2022-12)
History of Linux distros  (keywords: Linux, distros)
"Test it before you hate it..." Find many Linux operating systems, which you can try out directly online without an installation. (2021-02)
Try Linux distros before installing them  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Linuxfx 10: A Windows Doppelganger: An easy way for Windows t0 users to convert from Windows 10 to Linux? (2021-02)
Linuxfx OS  (keywords: Linux, distros)
GNU/Linux Distributions Timeline charts the progression and relationships of the multitude of Linux distributions (also known as "distros" or "versions"), from 1992 to the present. (2018-06)
Linux distro timeline  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Download the "Official User Guide for Linux Mint 18.0 Cinnamon Edition". (2017-05)
Linux Mint 18 guide  (keywords: Linux, distros)
How to upgrade to a new Linux Mint version. (Don't be too concerned that the sample screens are in German; just follow the instructions.) (2017-03)
Upgrade Linux Mint  (keywords: Linux, distros)
KDE explained: A look at Linux's most configurable desktop interface. (2017-03)
KDE explained  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Linux Mint window customization options. (2016-11)
Linux Mint customization  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Linux distributions will soon stop supporting 32-bit PCs. (2016-09)
32-bit Linux  (keywords: Linux, distros)
How to install Linux Mint on your Windows PC. (2016-05)
Install Linux Mint  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Free Portable Ubuntu for Windows application runs an entire Linux operating system as a Windows application. Or carry it on a thumb drive. (2013-05)
Portable Ubuntu  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Ubuntu based GNU/Linux live distribution, created as a project of digital forensics, offers a complete forensic environment that is organized to integrate existing software tools as software modules and to provide a friendly graphical interface. (2012-12)
Caine-Live  (keywords: Computers, securityLinux, distros)
Mint is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution whose goal is to provide a more complete out of the box experience for simpler installation and use. (2012-10)
Linus Mint  (keywords: Linux, distros)

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