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Ever wondered how a QR code works? (2022-11)
How QR codes work  (keywords: Phones, general)
1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, & 5G explained -- Understand the technology behind your cell phone. (2022-05)
Cell phone technology  (keywords: Phones, general)
What's a QR Code? (7-min, video) (2022-05)
What's a QR code?  (keywords: Phones, general)
How to quickly locate a cell tower near you. (2022-04)
Locate local cell tower  (keywords: Phones, general)
What is VoLTE? Everything you need to know in 5 minutes. (2022-04)
What is VoLTE?  (keywords: Phones, general)
Comparison of various robocall-blocking apps for your smartphone. (2022-04)
Robocall-blocking apps for smartphones  (keywords: Phones, general)
Have you seen the TV ads for the "Robokiller" phone app? Here is a luke-warm review of this robo-call killing service. (2021-11)
"Robokiller" phone app review  (keywords: Phones, general)
38 popular text shortcuts and Internet slang terms to know. (2021-11)
Texting and Internet slang terms  (keywords: Internet, languageLanguage, generalPhones, general)
Charging your phone overnight: Battery myths debunked. (2021-04)
Charging your phone overnight  (keywords: Phones, general)
U.S. schools buying phone-hacking tech that FBI uses to investigate terrorists. (2021-02)
Phone-hacking tech in schools  (keywords: Phones, general)
How to protect your eyes when using a smartphone. (2021-01)
Protect eyes with smartphone  (keywords: Health, eyesPhones, general)
If you try to fix, upgrade (or even dare to open the case of) your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other gadgets, does that act violate any law or void the warranty? (2020-10)
Voiding the warranty?  (keywords: Computers, generalPhones, general)
You can transfer photos from an Android phone to your Windows 10 PC via the Your Phone app, or by just attaching the phone to the PC via a USB cable. iPhone users have to rely on third-party options -- often iTunes. (2020-10)
Transfer photos from phone to Windows  (keywords: Phones, generalPhotography, sharing)
How to send pictures to a cell phone. (2020-10)
Send photos to smartphone  (keywords: Phones, generalPhotography, general)
Best ways to print photos from your smartphone. (2020-10)
Print photos from smartphone  (keywords: Phones, generalPhotography, printing)
Do you find yourself unlocking your Android phone countless times each day? Smart Lock lets you choose situations where your phone stays unlocked for extended periods of time. (2018-09)
Smart Lock Android phones  (keywords: Phones, general)
How to send spam calls straight to voicemail on Android with Google Phone. (2018-09)
Spam calls to voicemail on Android  (keywords: Phones, general)
Stop unwanted calls and texts from hitting your cell phone. (2017-01)
Unwanted phone calls  (keywords: Phones, general)
How to improve smartphone battery life: 10 tips to make your phone's battery last longer and the battery saving myths that won't help at all. (2016-06)
Smartphone battery life  (keywords: Phones, general)

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