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List of open-source programs for MS Windows operating systems. (2016-02)
Open-source for Windows  (keywords: Software, open source)
Open source computer aided engineering Linux distribution CAElinux application, including documentation and video tutorials. Absolutely need an X86_64 compatible CPU to run latest version. Installs on Linux or Windows (see "Procedure") systems, or in VMWare or VirtualBox. (2013-05)
Caelinux  (keywords: Software, open source)
Free interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. Download or use online version. (2012-09)
Sweet Home 3D  (keywords: Home, designSoftware, open source)
Carry a menu of open source programs, including email client, antivirus, mp3 player, web browser, games, office apps, and more along with you on a USB device. (2010-11)
USB menu  (keywords: Software, freeSoftware, open source)
Free open source software for recording and editing sounds. (2008-02)
Sound editing  (keywords: Software, open source)
Extensive list of free and open source software for Windows platforms. (2007-10)
Open source software  (keywords: Software, freeSoftware, open source)
Extensions, plug-ins, and themes for Firefox web browser. (2006-06)
Firefox plugins  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, freeSoftware, open source)
Check occasionally for extensions (small add ons) which add new functionality to Firefox. (2005-03)
Mozilla updates  (keywords: Internet, browsing, generalPCs, utilitiesSoftware, open source)

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