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List of open-source programs for MS Windows operating systems. (2016-02)
Open-source for Windows  (keywords: Software, open source)
Open source computer aided engineering Linux distribution CAElinux application, including documentation and video tutorials. Absolutely need an X86_64 compatible CPU to run latest version. Installs on Linux or Windows (see "Procedure") systems, or in VMWare or VirtualBox. (2013-05)
Caelinux  (keywords: Software, open source)
Free open source utility organizes and processes collections of files on your PC according to rules which you define for them. (2013-05)
Dropit  (keywords: Software, open source)
Open source advanced diagram editor supports lots of diagram types like flowchart diagrams, class diagrams, DFD diagrams, ERD diagrams, pie charts, bar charts, more. Many predefined symbols and styles. (2013-01)
Diagram editor  (keywords: Software, open source)
Free interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. Download or use online version. (2012-09)
Sweet Home 3D  (keywords: Home, designSoftware, open source)
Carry a menu of open source programs, including email client, antivirus, mp3 player, web browser, games, office apps, and more along with you on a USB device. (2010-11)
USB menu  (keywords: Software, freeSoftware, open source)
Free open source software for recording and editing sounds. (2008-02)
Sound editing  (keywords: Software, open source)
Extensive list of free and open source software for Windows platforms. (2007-10)
Open source software  (keywords: Software, freeSoftware, open source)
Extensions, plug-ins, and themes for Firefox web browser. (2006-06)
Firefox plugins  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, freeSoftware, open source)
Check occasionally for extensions (small add ons) which add new functionality to Firefox. (2005-03)
Mozilla updates  (keywords: Internet, browsing, generalPCs, utilitiesSoftware, open source)

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