Web Page Reviews - 2020 - December

The New Raspberry Pi 400 is basically a tiny computer inside a keyboard. What started as a low-spec computer for DIY enthusiasts, it can now be used as a full-featured desktop with impressive specs. (2020-12)
Raspberry Pi 400 intro  (keywords: Computers, Raspberry Pi)
How to make an anonymous Facebook profile (and why you should). (2020-12)
Make an anonymous Facebook profile  (keywords: Internet, Facebook)
These Windows "Run" commands access some of the information on your computer that would otherwise take several mouse clicks. (2020-12)
Windows "Run" commands  (keywords: Windows, command line)
Should you be a programmer? Three programming aptitude tests to help you decide. Try them for fun even if you are not looking for a new career. (2020-12)
Should you be a programmer?  (keywords: Computers, programming)
HP Instant Ink will require a monthly fee to keep printers working. (2020-12)
"Instant Ink" monthly fee  (keywords: Computers, hardware, printers)
A good place to start your VPN research trip -- full of spec charts (look for lots of green boxes), explanations, and recommendations. Their "Excel" (spreadsheet) download option is recommended to compare entries easily. (2020-12)
VPN comparison sheet to download  (keywords: Security, VPN)
If you are considering (or are already) subscribing to Microsoft 365 (their web-based office suite), read here about the retailer (and MS) scam regarding auto renewals at full price and how to avoid it by NOT auto-renewing. (2020-12)
Microsoft 365 renewal pricing scam  (keywords: Office suites, general)
Windows 10 Updates often mean your personal settings and preferences get changed to whatever Microsoft wants. Here is a checklist of things to do after major updates. (2020-12)
Windows 10 update checklist  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, updates)
Tour the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum and view the works of nine leading contemporary artists. Multimedia tags can be selected to bring up additional information, videos and more. (2020-12)
Renwick Gallery tour  (keywords: Museum, art)
How to customize your laptop's touchpad gestures. (2020-12)
Customize laptop touchpad  (keywords: Computers, hardware, mouse/touchpad)
Navigate YouTube faster with this shortcuts and tips Cheat Sheet. (2020-12)
YouTube tips/shortcuts  (keywords: Internet, Youtube)
How much energy does your PC use? (And 8 ways to cut It down.) (2020-12)
Computer energy use  (keywords: Computers, power)
Disable location-aware browsing (geolocation) in Firefox. Trackers and hackers use several methods for watching your activities on the web. This disables one of them. (2020-12)
Disable location-aware browsing - Firefox  (keywords: Internet, Firefox, general)
4 ways to access Win10 Advanced Startup options. (2020-12)
Windows 10 Advanced Startup  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
How to find Safe Mode in Windows 10. (2020-12)
Finding Windows 10 Safe Mode  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, troubleshooting)
MS Word tips: footnotes, endnotes, bookmarks, and hyperlinks. (2020-12)
MS Word tips  (keywords: Office suites, Word)
How to install a .watchface file on Apple Watch. (2020-12)
Install .watchface file -- Apple Watch  (keywords: Apple, Watch)
How to choose a custom color for your Start menu. (2020-12)
Choose Start Menu custom color  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Windows 10 has a lot of overlapping version numbers and names. For example, the October 2020 Feature Update is called version 20H2, version 2009, and build 19042. Here's how to decode Microsoft's jargon. (2020-12)
Windows 10 Feature Update numbering  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, updates)
How to clean an electric shaver the right way (quickly and efficiently). (2020-12)
Clean an electric shaver  (keywords: Health, shaving)
7 iPhone settings and tweaks to boost your privacy. (2020-12)
Privacy settings for iPhone  (keywords: Apple, iPhone)
Connecting a Bluetooth speaker. (2020-12)
Connecting Bluetooth speaker  (keywords: Computers, Bluetooth)
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