Web Page Reviews - 2020 - November

Linux Survival is a free interactive tutorial designed to make it as easy as possible to learn Linux. (2020-11)
Linux survival  (keywords: Linux, general)
What you need to know about DuckDuckGo. (2020-11)
About Duckduckgo  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
Why do routers have USB ports? (2020-11)
USB ports on routers  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Using apt-get commands In Linux -- a complete beginners guide. (2020-11)
Apt-get in Linux  (keywords: Linux, general)
How can I add a child user account to my Windows PC? (2020-11)
Child user in Windows  (keywords: Windows, features)
How can I listen to SiriusXM on my computer? (2020-11)
SeriusXM on computer  (keywords: Radio, general)
Michigan Recycles! coloring and activity book to download for kids. (2020-11)
Michigan Recycles!  (keywords: Local, generalRecycling)
This website that tells you how secure your TLS client is. TLS clients are just like the browser you use for web surfing. (2020-11)
TLS client security on your PC  (keywords: Internet, security)
How to get Apple's 'Quick Look' feature in Windows 10. (2020-11)
Apple's QuickLook for Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, utilities)
Click the green dots on a world map to discover radio stations at those locations. (2020-11)
Radio Garden  (keywords: Radio, general)
What is DHCP? How does it work? (2020-11)
What is DHCP?  (keywords: Internet, general)
Ghost towns in the U.S. and Canada. (2020-11)
Ghost towns in US & Canada  (keywords: Travel, general)
6 ways to prevent computer eye strain. (2020-11)
Prevent PC eye strain  (keywords: Health, eyes)
Dark Mode is a setting that turns your bright white screen a little darker. This means most of your Windows apps and features will have white text against a black or gray background. This makes it a lot easier to read and is said to help with concentration. (2020-11)
Dark Mode in Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
YouTube's dark mode provides an easier-on-the-eyes viewing experience. It's particularly nice when watching videos in the dark. (2020-11)
Youtube's Dark Mode  (keywords: Internet, Youtube)
What is the package manager system in Linux, and how does it work? (2020-11)
Linux package manager  (keywords: Linux, general)
7 sites where you can download free music (legally!). (2020-11)
Download free music  (keywords: Music, online)
12 alternative search engines that find what Google can't. (2020-11)
Alternate search engines to Google  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
How to disable Bing Search in Windows 10 version 2004 and newer, so that when you search for something that is on your PC, you don't receive unnecessary web results, too. (2020-11)
Disable Bing Search  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
40 gross hygiene practices from the American Old West that prove just how wild it really was. (2020-11)
Hygiene practices from Old West  (keywords: Health, generalHistory, health)
How to speed up your home Internet and Wi-Fi on the cheap. (2020-11)
Speed up home Internet WiFi cheaply  (keywords: Internet, speedInternet, wi-fi)
DIY craft and hobby site with over 6,500 in-depth articles and illustrated step-by-step tutorials covering a variety of crafts and hobbies, such as crochet, needlework, origami, photography, card games, beadwork, woodworking, coin collecting, and so much more. (2020-11)
DIY crafts and hobbies  (keywords: Hobbies, general)
Microsoft reveals why Windows 10 browsers create so many processes. (2020-11)
Windows 10 browser processes  (keywords: Internet, browser, generalWindows, Windows 10, general)
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