Web Page Reviews - 2022 - September

How can I make my mouse pointer and text cursor more legible in Windows 11? (2022-09)
Make mouse cursor more legible in Windows 11  (keywords: Windows, Windows 11, features)
How to change the mouse pointer color and size on Windows 10. (2022-09)
Make mouse cursor more legible in Windows 10  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Some seniors struggle with technology, but with a few tweaks, you can make a Windows PC as welcoming as possible. How to set up your Windows PC for seniors. (2022-09)
Setup Windows PC for seniors  (keywords: Windows, seniors)
6 VPN protocols compared: Which Is best? (2022-09)
VPN protocols compared  (keywords: Security, VPN)
Hoover Dam | All the secrets of the engineering wonder. (10-min. video) (2022-09)
Hoover Dam engineering secrets  (keywords: Travel, national parks)
PC BIOS settings, what it is, what it does, how to use it (with care!). (18-min. video) (2022-09)
What are PC BIOS settings?  (keywords: Computers, BIOS & UEFI)
9 reasons why Apple products are so expensive. (2022-09)
Why are Apple products so expensive?  (keywords: Apple, general)
Best ad blockers for web browsers. (2022-09)
Ad blockers for web browsers  (keywords: Internet, blocking ads)
What is CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and how does it work? (2022-09)
What is CAPTCHA?  (keywords: Internet, security)
If you use a CPAP machine to control your sleep apnea, OSCAR is the free "Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter" program for viewing the data (in charts and graphs) that your CPAP machine records, if the CPAP machine contains an SDHC memory card. (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) (2022-09)
OSCAR program to read CPAP machine data  (keywords: Health, CPAP)
Switching out of Windows "S Mode" results in a full Windows Home edition, and can not be reversed. (2022-09)
What is Windows "S Mode"?  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, generalWindows, Windows 11, general)
Some low-cost Windows PCs and tablets ship with Windows 11 Home in S Mode. Here is the process for switching out of S Mode. (2022-09)
Switching out of Windows "S Mode"  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, generalWindows, Windows 11, general)
Why Rolls-Royce cars are so expensive. (9-min. video) (2022-09)
Why Rolls-Royce cars are so expensive  (keywords: Automotive, general)
What is smishing, & smishing attack protection tips. (2022-09)
What is smishing?  (keywords: Security, smishing)
How to burn any video file to a playable DVD. (2022-09)
Burn video files to playable DVD  (keywords: Video, tools)
What to do when your iPhone gets wet. (2022-09)
When iPhone gets wet  (keywords: Apple, iPhone)
Do Wi-Fi extenders deserve their bad reputation? (2022-09)
Wifi extenders reputation?  (keywords: Computers, hardware, wifi extenders)
Don't buy a Wi-Fi extender: Buy this instead. (2022-09)
Mesh systems  (keywords: Computers, hardware, mesh systems)
How strong is your password? Use these 4 tools to find out. (Note that not all such tools agree on the strength of individual passwords.) (2022-09)
How strong is your password? 2  (keywords: Security, password, general)
10 ways to secure your online identity. (2022-09)
Secure you online identity  (keywords: Security, personal identity)
For help talking with children about digital safety, Norton has partnered with the National PTA to create "The Smart Talk", a free tool that helps families set digital safety ground rules together. (2022-09)
"The Smart Talk" -- digital safety for children  (keywords: Security, children)
HTTPS vs. VPN: 5 reasons you do need both. HTTPS is fantastic for keeping you safe, but it does have a few weaknesses which a VPN can cover. (2022-09)
HTTPS vs. VPN  (keywords: Security, VPN)
Free antivirus rescue disks for Windows PCs. (2022-09)
Free antivirus rescue disks  (keywords: Windows, security)
The simple secret of airport runway digits. (17-min. video) (2022-09)
Secret of airport runway digits  (keywords: Aircraft, general)
Free programming books in PDF format, Bash, C++, Excel VBA, Linux, HTML5, PowerShell, and many others. Just click on your selected book and click on the "Download PDF Book" button to display it in your browser, and then save the file to your PC. (2022-09)
Free programming eBooks  (keywords: Books, programmingProgramming)
Beware the caller from "The Government": It's a scam! (2022-09)
Beware "The Government" caller  (keywords: Security, scams)
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