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Google is probably tracking you, but you can stop it. (2022-11)
Stop Google tracking you  (keywords: Internet, GoogleInternet, securitySecurity, Google)
Going Dark. Colorful infographic collection describing how to approach being practically invisible on the web. (2022-10)
Going Dark - Invisible on the web  (keywords: Internet, security)
What is CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and how does it work? (2022-09)
What is CAPTCHA?  (keywords: Internet, security)
What Is a Zero Day Exploit and how do attacks work? (2022-01)
Zero Day Exploit  (keywords: Internet, security)
It's not easy to be anonymous on the Internet. Here's how you can stay hidden even on email, with an anonymous email account. (2021-05)
Anonymous on the web  (keywords: Internet, security)
This website that tells you how secure your TLS client is. TLS clients are just like the browser you use for web surfing. (2020-11)
TLS client security on your PC  (keywords: Internet, security)
ClearURLs is a privacy add-on for Firefox and Chrome that strips tracking parts of URLs from links automatically so that they don't fire when you activate them. (2020-04)
ClearURLs browser add-on  (keywords: Internet, security)
June was Internet Safety Month. But it's always a good time to take action and protect your mobile devices, no matter whether you are traveling or staying local. (2019-10)
Internet Security Month  (keywords: Internet, securitySecurity, Internet)
They don't always get away with it. Some spammers have been caught and punished. Here is a rundown of cyber-criminals who have done (or are doing) hard time for their misdeeds. (2019-06)
Cyber-criminals  (keywords: Internet, security)
Still using your kid's birthday as your universal password? You're heading toward trouble. Here's a review of password manager software choices. (2019-06)
Password manager software  (keywords: Internet, securitySecurity, Internet)
Geofence: The invisible way companies use data to track you everywhere. (3-min. video) (2019-05)
Geofence  (keywords: Internet, securitySecurity, Internet)
How cookies track you around the web, what they collect about you, and what you can do to control them. (2019-01)
Tracking cookies  (keywords: Internet, security)
Alexa and Google Home (and other similar services) record what you say. But what happens to that data? What are you risking? (2018-03)
Your voice print  (keywords: Internet, security)
Can you really trust that green padlock? This new phishing scheme could fool you with a false sense of security. (2018-01)
Trust green padlock?  (keywords: Internet, security)
Enter a password and see a detailed analysis of its security components. (2016-06)
Password meter  (keywords: Internet, security)
Ten ways to protect your web privacy. (2016-04)
Protect your web privacy  (keywords: Internet, security)
How the police use Google to track your every move. (2016-02)
How Police use Google  (keywords: Internet, security)
Infographic on websites which are spying on your Internet activity with suggestions on improving your security. (2015-04)
Website spying  (keywords: Internet, security)
Twelve essential points that everybody should know about privacy on the Internet. (2014-02)
Internet privacy  (keywords: Internet, security)
Assess the strength of your password. (2008-05)
Password meter  (keywords: Internet, security)
This site will present you with a sample of the contents of a cookie, showing what information can be garnered from your home PC. (2001-10)
Privacy dot net - analyze  (keywords: Internet, security)
This site explains in great detail the subject of personal internet firewalls. The site discusses their importance, and describes five different firewall software packages. If you have a broadband internet connection (such as cable or DSL), you will find this content very informative and useful. (2000-06)
GRC - firewalls  (keywords: Internet, security)
New to the cable modem or DSL experience or just investigating the possibility? These sites offer info for newbies, local broadband service searching, speed tweaks, and some security checks you can run on your system. How really safe is your connection? (2000-06)
DSL Reports  (keywords: Computers, generalInternet, general)
GRC speed test  (keywords: Internet, security)
Online privacy continues to be a popular subject of conversation. To learn more about protecting yourself against cyber stalking, contact these sites. (2000-04)
Privacy Rights Clearing House  (keywords: Internet, security)
Women Halting Online Abuse  (keywords: Charities)

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