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Three ways to reset a forgotten Windows administrator password. (2023-01)
Reset Windows admin password  (keywords: Windows, security)
How to enable Windows 11's built-in camera privacy warning. (2023-01)
Window 11's camera privacy warning  (keywords: Security, WindowsWindows, Windows 11, cameraWindows, security)
Free antivirus rescue disks for Windows PCs. (2022-09)
Free antivirus rescue disks  (keywords: Windows, security)
Learn how to view and reduce the amount of "diagnostic data" that Microsoft takes from your Windows 10 PC. (2020-05)
Diagnostic date to Microsoft  (keywords: Windows, security)
If you ever see odd things happening to your PC, you might have a well-rooted malware infection. Having some of these rescue tools available on CDs or DVDs makes a lot of sense. (2020-01)
Anti-virus rescue disks  (keywords: Windows, securityWindows, troubleshooting)
Your computer may be transmitting private information when online and you don't even know it. Here's how to uncover unauthorized connections your Windows computer is making. (2018-06)
Windows communication privacy  (keywords: Security, WindowsWindows, security)
Skip the login screen! Here's how to boot into Windows directly without using a password. (2017-06)
Boot Windows without password  (keywords: Windows, security)
What are the ways malware can infect your Windows computer? What types of files carry virus and malware? (2016-12)
Windows infections  (keywords: Windows, security)
How to use the free "WinPatrol" tool to monitor your Windows PC for changes. (2016-11)
Using Win Patrol  (keywords: Windows, security)
My PC has a nasty virus. Now what? How do I remove it? (2016-09)
Virus removal  (keywords: Windows, security)
Standalone tool designed to block and stop the various tracking (telemetry) issues present in Windows versions 10/8.1/7. (2016-09)
Spybot Anti-Beacon  (keywords: Windows, security)
Five suggested free anti-malware products to safeguard your PC. (2016-05)
Free antimalware tools  (keywords: Computers, securitySecurity, softwareWindows, security)
How to tell if your computer is vulnerable to hackers. (2016-05)
Hacker vulnerability tools  (keywords: Computers, securityWindows, security)
Some free tools to tell if your computer is vulnerable to hackers. (2016-04)
Hacker vulnerability tools  (keywords: Computers, securityWindows, security)
Four ways to reset a Windows password. (2016-04)
Reset Windows password  (keywords: Windows, security)
Microsoft Security Advisories and Bulletins - View the "Security Bulletin Summaries" section to learn what vulnerability(ies) each update should be protecting your PC from. (2015-09)
MS security bulletins  (keywords: Windows, security)
Microsoft warns to remove gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 or risk attack. (2015-04)
Shut down gadgets  (keywords: Windows, VistaWindows, Windows 7, generalWindows, security)
Don't use gadgets  (keywords: Windows, VistaWindows, Windows 7, generalWindows, security)
CryptoLocker ransomware information guide and FAQ. Be informed now, or pay up later. (2014-01)
Ransomware  (keywords: Computers, securityWindows, security)
Panda USB Vaccine is free tool to block malware spreading through USB drives. It allows users to disable the AutoRun feature on computers as well as on USB drives and other devices, preventing malware from accessing systems in this manner. (2012-03)
USB vaccine  (keywords: Windows, security)
A rather detailed comparison of 4 popular free anti-virus/anti-malware tools for Windows systems. Overwhelmed? Then skip to the 'Final Verdict' first. (2012-02)
Malware comp  (keywords: Software, securityWindows, security)
Free service analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by the antivirus industry using several security tools. (2012-02)
Virustotal  (keywords: Software, securityWindows, security)
Free utility to remove malware belonging to the family Rootkit.Win32.TDSS (aka Tidserv, TDSServ, Alureon). This is one to add to your PC tool box.. (2012-01)
Tidserv virus  (keywords: Windows, security)
AVG Rescue CD is a powerful toolset for rescue and repair of infected machines. Install on CD or USB drive. (2010-05)
AVG rescue  (keywords: Windows, security)
Free tool for detection, assessment of, and solution for missing security patches and end of life programs on your PC. Select "Software Inspectors" button, then choose from "Online" or "Personal Desktop" (download) options. (2009-09)
Software inspectors  (keywords: Security, generalWindows, security)

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