Art, painting (5)

Learn about abstract leaf watercolor pattern tools and techniques in this tutorial. (2017-04)
Watercolor tools  (keywords: Art, painting)
You, too, can create art like Jackson Pollock. Click mouse to change colors. Save (and sell?) your creation by printing to a .pdf file. (2012-01)
J. Pollock  (keywords: Art, doodlingArt, painting)
View the Western European paintings at the National Gallery. Browse by artist or by century. Or 'take a chance'. (2010-11)
National Gallery paintings  (keywords: Art, painting)
Creative presentation of the life and works of artist Gustav Klimt. (2007-12)
Klimt  (keywords: Art, painting)
Comprehensive collection of Van Gogh art. (2007-05)
Van Gogh  (keywords: Art, painting)

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