Web Page Reviews - 2017 - April

How to free up RAM when your PC slows down. (2017-04)
Free up RAM  (keywords: Computers, hardware, RAM)
Map shows you the delicate tracery of wind flowing over the US. (2017-04)
Wind over U.S.  (keywords: Weather, wind)
Use your mouse to play with the text; use the keyboard to change the text. (2017-04)
Deep web search engines to explore the Hidden Internet. (2017-04)
Searching deep web  (keywords: Internet, browsing, general)
Is it safe to bank on public Wi-Fi? How not to get hacked! (Includes a 3-min. video.) (2017-04)
Banking online  (keywords: Security, online banking)
How to avoid installing junk programs when downloading free software. (2017-04)
Installing software  (keywords: Software, downloading)
How to automatically clear private data when you close your browser. (2017-04)
Clear browser data  (keywords: Security, browser)
Why is my browser storing so much private data? (2017-04)
Data stored in browser  (keywords: Security, browser)
Learn how to select genealogy software that's right for you and how to transfer your files from an old program to a new one. Includes software comparisons and a 60-minute video. (2017-04)
Selecting genealogy software  (keywords: Software, genealogy)
Logo evolution of 38 famous brands. (2017-04)
Windows 10: How to uninstall OneDrive. (2017-04)
Uninstall OneDrive  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, OneDrive)
A list of popular free software. (2017-04)
What is a Solid State Drive? Should I buy one? (2017-04)
What is SSD  (keywords: Computers, hardware, SSD)
Disposing of a PC? Nuke the drive first. Tips and links to freeware to wipe a hard drive completely. (2017-04)
Wipe a hard drive  (keywords: Computers, hardware, hard drive)
How to protect your privacy on public Wi-Fi networks. (2017-04)
Privacy on public Wi-Fi  (keywords: Security, Wi-Fi, public)
If you listen to podcasts, you may not have great organization of them. Here are 6 tips for cleaning up your podcast feeds. (2017-04)
Podcast organization  (keywords: Internet, podcasts)
Three handy ways to use Android's Do Not Disturb rules. (2017-04)
How to initiate a System Restore when your PC won't boot into Windows. (2017-04)
Initiate System Restore  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
Article suggests that "RansomFree" is the free program that protects your PC against ransomware. (2017-04)
RansomFree  (keywords: Security, ransomware)
Article author infected his Windows computer with ransomware to test RansomFree's protection. (2017-04)
RansomFree test  (keywords: Security, ransomware)
Microsoft's Office Training Center offers short tutorial videos for their 2010, 2013, and 2016 Office products. (2017-04)
MS Office Training Center  (keywords: Office suites, training)
Make your right-click menu more useful: Customize the "Send To" menu. (2017-04)
Customize "Send To"  (keywords: Windows, features)
LastPass: The smart person's guide. (2017-04)
LastPass guide  (keywords: Security, password, software)
How to create a Microsoft account with or without a Microsoft e-mail address. (2017-04)
MS account without MS email  (keywords: Windows, MS account)
Learn about abstract leaf watercolor pattern tools and techniques in this tutorial. (2017-04)
Watercolor tools  (keywords: Art, painting)
For Google users, a dozen tips for searching the web. (Some tips work with other web browsers as well.) (2017-04)
Web search tips  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
This British Avro Lancaster B Mark VII bomber, NX611, was built in April 1945 for the war in the Far East and ended in storage without seeing service. Here you can follow a panoramic virtual tour of its interior. Navigation tools are at screen bottom. (2017-04)
Lancaster B Mk VII bomber  (keywords: Aircraft, military)
The ABCs of particle physics presented in a graphical format by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. (2017-04)
Particle physics ABCs  (keywords: Science, general)
Another list of best free portable applications for a flash drive toolkit. You never know when you'll need one of them to diagnose a computer problem. (2017-04)
Portable applications  (keywords: Software, free)
How many triangles can you find? (2017-04)
How to convert any file format online with free tools. (2017-04)
Online file format tools  (keywords: Software, free)
Need A Locksmith? The FTC tells you how to avoid getting ripped off by an unscrupulous locksmith. (2017-04)
Finding a locksmith  (keywords: Security, home)
Free tutorial designed for people who have little or no experience with the Linux operating system. (2017-04)
Linux tutorial  (keywords: Linux, training)
Witness the most important thing that the crew of Apollo 8 discovered in December of 1968, just as they found it. (2017-04)
Apollo 8 discovery  (keywords: Space, general)
Lost your key or the combination? Open the lock anyway. (2017-04)
Pick a lock  (keywords: Security, home)
Are you being spied on via your own webcam? (2017-04)
Webcam spying  (keywords: Computers, hardware, webcamSecurity, general)
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