Web Page Reviews - 2007 - December

Quality pictures of birds. Select 'blog' or 'pictures'. (2007-12)
Audubon birds  (keywords: Photography, birds)
Window shop for mid-20th century furniture, furnishings, TV/radio, appliances, advertising, art, and more. Select "merchandise". (2007-12)
Monopoly express - roll the dice to collect the most property. (2007-12)
The quickest way to a live person on the phone. (2007-12)
1-800 Shortcuts  (keywords: Shopping, customer serviceTelephones, general)
A museum of ancient inventions, with pictures and descriptions. (2007-12)
Digital tampering in the media, politics and law - manipulated photos and descriptions. (2007-12)
Virtual Cave - browse the wonders of the underground. Just grab a light, helmet, sturdy boots, and your mouse. (2007-12)
Virtual cave  (keywords: Nature, generalTravel, general)
Get past the immature welcome screen and take this 13 minute 38 question 'intelligence test'. (2007-12)
Simple IQ  (keywords: Intelligence)
Creative presentation of the life and works of artist Gustav Klimt. (2007-12)
Klimt  (keywords: Art, painting)
100 high resolution Photoshop Brushes, as well as Photoshop tutorials and more. (2007-12)
Photoshop roadmap  (keywords: Software, Photoshop)
Collection of photo and image exhibits at Duke U., some from the early 20th century. (2007-12)
Free access to the "broadest possible range of worthwhile eldercare information". (2007-12)
Agis  (keywords: Health, aging)
Many categories of recipes for the holidays. Select 'Holiday Recipes" in the left pane. (2007-12)
North Pole recipes  (keywords: Food, recipes)
National Do Not Call Registry. Choose to be free from telemarketer phone calls. Select "Register Now". (2007-12)
Do Not Call  (keywords: Local, generalTelephones, telemarketer)
To file consumer complaint, select "Consumer Protection", then "File a Complaint" and complete online form. (2007-12)
Consumer complaint  (keywords: Government, consumer protection)
Two thousand uses for WD-40. (2007-12)
WD-40 uses  (keywords: Home, maintenance)
Can you differentiate between images which are real versus computer graphics? Take these two challenges. (2007-12)
Politics explained....using cows. (2007-12)
Politics & cows  (keywords: Politics)
10,000 free fonts with preview window. (2007-12)
Better fonts  (keywords: Software, free)
Unique cake designs. (2007-12)
Zoom Quilt - it just never ends. Control speed/direction in left pane. (2007-12)
Zoom quilt  (keywords: Internet, entertainment)
Sampling of visual records of the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System's main catalog. (2007-12)
Test your blind spot vision. (2007-12)
Battleship game with 11 ships. (2007-12)
I can't remember. (2007-12)
Parody of Homeland Security instruction. (2007-12)
Homeland parody  (keywords: Humor, politicsSecurity, general)
Samurai Sudoku - extreme Sudoku with five over lapping grids. Five difficulty levels, hints, solutions. (2007-12)
Samurai Sudoku  (keywords: Games, online)
Animation shows how to create origami crane. (2007-12)
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