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Help, my laptop battery Is swollen! Now what? (2022-01)
Swollen laptop battery  (keywords: Computers, hardware, battery)
How to increase your Windows laptop's battery life. (2020-06)
Increase laptop battery life  (keywords: Computers, hardware, battery)
You might be surprised to know that it's not healthy for most batteries to be on a charger all the time. They'll last longer if you let them almost run out of power from time to time (a.k.a. "exercising" the battery). But what if you repeatedly see the "battery plugged in not charging" error on your PC and you know the battery and cord are in good shape? (2019-04)
Battery charging error on PC  (keywords: Computers, hardware, battery)
Charging your phone overnight: Battery myths debunked. (2018-11)
Battery myths  (keywords: Computers, hardware, battery)
Squeeze hours of extra life from your laptop battery using Windows 10's "Battery Saver". (2017-11)
Windows 10 battery saver  (keywords: Computers, hardware, battery)

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