Web Page Reviews - 2018 - November

Listen to and download Old Time Radio shows here. (2018-11)
Old time radio shows  (keywords: Radio, general)
Twitter now lets you choose which tweets you see first. (2018-11)
First Twitter tweets  (keywords: Social, Twitter)
50 funny WiFi names for your router's network SSID. (2018-11)
Funny router names  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Why does everyone want your data? (2018-11)
Everyone wants your data  (keywords: Security, privacy)
Do you want to completely delete everything on a hard drive to protect privacy or remove a stubborn infection? Here is a review of 40 free data-destruction software programs. (2018-11)
Delete everything from a hard drive  (keywords: Computers, hardware, hard driveComputers, security)
How to delete your digital assistant conversations (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) (2018-11)
Delete digital assistant conversations  (keywords: Security, digital assistant devices)
How to use the Ping command to see the status of a web site. (2018-11)
Ping command web site status  (keywords: Windows, features)
How to disable showing tabs in Alt+Tab in Windows 10. (2018-11)
Disable Alt+Tab tabs  (keywords: Windows, features)
Linux running too slow? Here's how to find the cause. (2018-11)
Linux running slow?  (keywords: Linux, general)
Has someone asked you to go get a gift card to pay for something? Don't do it!! (2018-11)
Gift card scam  (keywords: Security, scams)
How to compare Microsoft Word documents using Legal Blackline. (2018-11)
MS Word's legal blackline  (keywords: Office suites, Word)
If Windows' Media Player isn't playing all of the videos you want to view (perhaps an unrecognized video format), perhaps it's time to use an alternate (and better) free player. Here are 5 popular ones. (2018-11)
Media Player alternatives  (keywords: Windows, Media Player)
Do you know if your computer's drivers need updating? Are you suffering unexplained computer problems? How to find and replace outdated Windows drivers. (2018-11)
Updating Window drivers  (keywords: Windows, drivers)
In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, version 1607, Microsoft removed Cortana's on-off switch. But it's still there, if you know where to look. Use this tweak to make Windows search strictly local. (2018-11)
Cortana's on-off switch  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, Cortana)
Create a floor plan using MS Excel (or probably any spreadsheet program). (2018-11)
Floor plan in MS Excel  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
Charging your phone overnight: Battery myths debunked. (2018-11)
Battery myths  (keywords: Computers, hardware, battery)
Which Windows 10 services are safe to disable? Here's a look at what services are, how to disable them, and some of the services that are safe to disable. (2018-11)
Disabling Windows 10 services  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Android phones, even when idle, send data to Google at an alarming pace. You can stop Google from tracking you, but you might not like the results. (2018-11)
Google tracking Android phones  (keywords: Android, general)
What is malware? Viruses, worms, trojans, and beyond. (2018-11)
What is malware 2?  (keywords: Security, malware)
Windows Update is a necessary evil. If it goes well, you have a healthy system and fresh features to play with. But when things go wrong, it can be one of the most frustrating IT experiences. When things go wrong, here's how to use the Windows Update Troubleshooter. (2018-11)
Windows Update Troubleshooter  (keywords: Windows, updates)
How fast does your Internet connection need to be? (2018-11)
Fast Internet connection  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Windows 10 quick tips: 11 ways to speed up your PC. (2018-11)
Windows 10 quick tips  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
Should you get a Cat6 or Cat7 Ethernet cable for your home network? (2018-11)
Cat6 or Cat7 Ethernet cables?  (keywords: Computers, cables)
Five services for streaming free music online. (2018-11)
Free music streaming services  (keywords: Audio, streaming)
What's the difference between a router, a wireless router, and a wireless access point? (2018-11)
Router vs. Access Point  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Tips to help make your old Android phone feel new again. (2018-11)
Android phone tips  (keywords: Android, general)
Seven hidden features of the free VLC media player. (2018-11)
VLC media player features  (keywords: Software, media players)
Music fans can discover new music and artists by listening to 190,000 recorded concerts. Search by several criteria, including artist and sound quality. Some concerts are downloadable. (2018-11)
Live Music Archive  (keywords: Music, live)
How to properly check your Internet speed. Are you receiving the speed that you are paying for?? (2018-11)
Check your Internet speed  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Can you use any charger with any device? (2018-11)
Which charger for which device  (keywords: Computers, hardware, charger)
Kitty from The Weekly show has a humorous way of explaining the meaning of "The Cloud". (Disclaimer: Just a very few risque words included.) (5-min. video) (2018-11)
Meaning of "The Cloud"  (keywords: Humor, computer)
Staring at computer screens or mobile devices for hours at a time can put a serious strain on your eyes. How to enable Dark Mode in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Edge. (2018-11)
Enable Dark Mode in browsers  (keywords: Internet, browser, general)
How could my bank account have been hacked if I have good security? (2018-11)
Bank account hacked  (keywords: Security, banking)
How to reverse or mirror text in Microsoft Word. (2018-11)
Mirror text in MS Word  (keywords: Office suites, Word)
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