Computers, history (4)

What Jack Bauer would have encountered with the state of computers in 1994. (2008-04)
Jack Bauer  (keywords: Computers, history)
Gallery of over 2600 screenshots showcasing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), plus historical sounds, icons, apps, splashes, timelines, and ads. A GUI time machine. (2005-02)
ACI GUI guide book  (keywords: Computers, history)
Site dedicated to "collecting, restoring and simply playing with old computers (vintage, classic, antique, out dated)". (2005-01)
Vintage Computer Collection  (keywords: Computers, history)
Here's how it was before the creation of Windows. At this site you will find DOS discussion and command line programs which you can download (especially useful on your lightning fast 8088/80286 pc). (2000-10)
Retro computing  (keywords: Computers, history)

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