Web Page Reviews - 2005 - January

Automotive ads, brochures, and manuals from past decades. (2005-01)
The Old Car Manual Project  (keywords: Automotive, generalMuseum, automotive)
National Terror Alert Resource and Information Center advises about potential alerts with many Preparedness and Planning guides and checklists. Don't be paranoid, just prepared. (2005-01)
National Terror Alert & Resource Information Center  (keywords: Government, general)
Digital camera articles and tutorials, and some reviews/fact sheets for new camera shoppers and owners. (2005-01)
Photoxels  (keywords: Photography, cameras)
Find accurate time anywhere in the world. (2005-01)
World Time Server  (keywords: Time, general)
Move the rabbit to collect the carrots. A colorful entertaining game. Broadband recommended! (2005-01)
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Some freeware gems (among the share/trial apps) if you are patient. Use 'Search' field and watch for 'related' categories. Or use 'Subcategories' section. (2005-01)
Handy Archive  (keywords: Automotive, general)
How To Guides on upgrading to XP SP2 using msconfig and disabling Windows Messenger Service. (2005-01)
Net squirrel  (keywords: Computers, helpWindows, WinXP)
Free advanced file difference analysis tool for Windows. Click on "Free Tools" here. (2005-01)
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Darwin awards, past and present. (2005-01)
Darwin Awards  (keywords: AwardsHumor, general)
Free fast search utility for MS Outlook (not Outlook Express....yet). Recently acquired by MS. (2005-01)
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Free archiving utility for Windows: provides support for wide range of compressed, encoded and disc image files, with powerful features. (2005-01)
Tug Zip  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Camera, printer, and accessory reviews, dictionary, high quality photo galleries, picture format discussion, buyer's guide. (2005-01)
600+ photos - miscellaneous scenery, birds, horses, castles, deer, and wolves. (2005-01)
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Free utility displays internet bookmarks in an alphabetical register whether or not they are stored in folders. (2005-01)
Photos from around the world being used to tell time. Click on "view the clock"; also view the gallery. (2005-01)
Human clock  (keywords: CuriosityTime, general)
1000+ photos of Earth from Above - click option #2, then the "Earth from Above" option, then search by country. Save 'em to disk. (2005-01)
Yann Arthus-Bertrand  (keywords: Photography, galleries)
Meanings and origins of over 2000 English sayings, phrases, cliches, and idioms. (2005-01)
Phrase finder  (keywords: IdiomsLanguage, general)
The New High Tech Dictionary 2.0 (2005-01)
Valley of the Geeks - high tech dictionary  (keywords: Computers, generalHumor, general)
The Iconoweb Coffee Cantata - view the humorous "Coffee Taglines and Quotations". (2005-01)
Iconoweb Coffee Cantata  (keywords: Food, generalHumor, general)
Stupid human tricks in action with motorbikes - click on 'Downloads', then on 'Videos'. (2005-01)
Super bike Magazine  (keywords: Humor, generalSafety, general)
The telescope game - many levels. Click "Telescope Game" in the menu bar. (2005-01)
Site dedicated to "collecting, restoring and simply playing with old computers (vintage, classic, antique, out dated)". (2005-01)
Vintage Computer Collection  (keywords: Computers, history)
Volcano World - search by country, region, name, or description. Photos, videos, history, chemistry. (2005-01)
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Auto articles, news, tips, and sneak previews of cars of the future, all with photos. (2005-01)
Jalopnik  (keywords: Automotive, general)
25 tall building projects that have been designed and proposed in the last decade. Broadband recommended. (2005-01)
Tall buildings  (keywords: Buildings, general)
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