Web Page Reviews - 2005 - February

Futuristic creations that were expected to change our lives in 2000, but didn't. (2005-02)
Photos created by phone cameras. (2005-02)
Internet Traffic Report monitors flow of data around the world; then displays values relative to ping responses. (2005-02)
Internet Traffic Report  (keywords: Computers, general)
This site uses a unique rating system to help guide parents in locating child appropriate movies. (2005-02)
Kids in mind  (keywords: Children, generalMovies, general)
Synopsis and reviews of current movies, plus long term local movie theater schedules. (2005-02)
Movie tickets  (keywords: Movies, general)
Fun with words and anagrams - "a community of people sharing love for words, wordplay, language, and literature". (2005-02)
Wordsmith  (keywords: Language, general)
Investment lingo and tutorials in layman's terms - search by keyword, alphabet, or category. (2005-02)
Investopedia  (keywords: Investing)
Recommendations of music, movies, concerts, and videos from a Christian point of view. (2005-02)
Jesus freak hideout  (keywords: Entertainment, generalMovies, general)
Free malware scanner utility; click on "a2 free" button. (2005-02)
Emsisoft Software  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Ride the ferry to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. Schedules, history, maps, vacation info, virtual island tour, etc. (2005-02)
Beaver Island Boat Company  (keywords: Travel, MI)
Topple the bears (a few seconds of fun). (2005-02)
Nobody here  (keywords: PCs, entertainmentPCs, games)
NHLBI offers health info, publications, tools, tutorials, eating plans for various diseases and conditions. (2005-02)
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute  (keywords: Health, general)
Fascinating aerial before and after pictures of the December 2004 tsunami devastation in Asia. (2005-02)
Over 700 free challenging online games. (2005-02)
Move mouse left or right to keep drunk on his feet at this German language site (has sound). Click on splash screen to play. (2005-02)
Silvester Party 2004  (keywords: PCs, entertainmentPCs, games)
Gallery of over 2600 screenshots showcasing Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), plus historical sounds, icons, apps, splashes, timelines, and ads. A GUI time machine. (2005-02)
ACI GUI guide book  (keywords: Computers, history)
Dictionaries and word guides for careers, hobbies, style, languages, rhymes, abbreviations, and much more. (2005-02)
Your dictionary  (keywords: Hobbies, generalLanguage, general)
Educational guide to minerals and gemstones, an extensive gallery of minerals and gemstones, and glossary of terms. (2005-02)
Minerals and Gemstone Kingdom  (keywords: Museum, generalScience, geology)
Animated and interactive experience of color communication and color symbolism. (2005-02)
Guide to the cultural and linguistic make up of the United States with interactive maps. Based on 2000 census. (2005-02)
Modern Language Association  (keywords: CultureLanguage, general)
Website brings together 30,000 images and various viewpoints to create insights into science and culture; over 30 different subjects, topics, and debates. (2005-02)
Perform virtual knee surgery and view surgery photos. (2005-02)
Ed Heads  (keywords: Health, general)
1800 original Olympic posters of games, festivals, movies, mascots, and ads. (2005-02)
This HP ad contains some cool interactive animation. (2005-02)
Promotion of Rock Paper Scissors as a fun and safe way to resolve disputes. Here are the rules. (2005-02)
Contest winners of best bad opening lines in novels. (2005-02)
Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest  (keywords: Humor, generalLanguage, general)
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