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Free open-source genealogical research software. (2016-04)
Gramps software  (keywords: GenealogySoftware, genealogy)
Family Search is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Patrons may freely access our resources and service here. (2010-11)
Family Search  (keywords: Genealogy)
Where to start with a genealogy project? Guides and tips to tracing your ancestry, resources/links to marriage license data bases, birth records, census info, and much more. (2004-03)
Genealogy links  (keywords: Genealogy)
Type in your family surname and find out where your relatives lived in 1850, 1880, 1920, and 1960. (2002-01)
Pro Genealogists - surname study  (keywords: Genealogy)
Cyndi's List of genealogy sites on the Internet. Over 41,600 links, categorized and cross referenced, in over 100 categories. (1999-05)
Cyndi's list  (keywords: Genealogy)

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