Web Page Reviews - 2002 - January

Do you enjoy looking at the stars? Would you like to know more about the heavens above? Check out Star Date for more information. (2002-01)
Star date  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
Are you looking for a way to do better with your houseplants? You can search the database of over 13,000 different types of houseplants and greenhouse plants, by name, type, or environmental conditions. You are able to get information on how to get that orchid to bloom, how to keep plants pest free, and a lot of other hints on how to keep your plants happy. (2002-01)
Are you a dreamer? No, I mean are you a dreamer and would you like to know what they mean? Well now you can tell it to the Doctor and find out what they mean. (2002-01)
Dream Doctor  (keywords: Dreams)
You can learn about dreams in literature, history and art through the Dream Tree. You can also join a discussion group about dreams. (2002-01)
Dream tree  (keywords: Dreams)
Did you want to be a magician? Now you can find out how the tricks are done. (2002-01)
Are you a want to be astronomer? Check out the latest solar pictures at: (2002-01)
NASA - latest images  (keywords: Astronomy, generalGovernment, general)
Have you watched the weather channel and seen the satellite photos of the latest hurricane? You can view them online along with forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and other natural events. (2002-01)
Do whales interest you? You can find photos, video clips and sound files at this site. (2002-01)
Welcome to the Kraft Foods Information Page dedicated to people living with diabetes. Their goal is to help you access the information you need to make healthy lifestyle choices. You'll also discover links to more diabetes information on the Web. (2002-01)
Looking for a library? Now you can locate the nearest one on line. Just don't try to find Sterling Heights, it's not there. (2002-01)
Here is a site that will link you to various subjects by category from Arts to Health to Travel. (2002-01)
Now that the holidays are over is it time to start thinking about how we can burn off some of those calories? Check the Desert Wizard. Tell it what you have eaten, how much, and how you would like to exercise. It will tell you how long you will need to exercise to get rid of those extra calories. (2002-01)
Have you ever played a game and you were sure that one of the other players was not following the rules? Now you can check the rules for card games, board games, sports, even hunting and fishing. (2002-01)
Are you going to be in Los Angeles? Do you want to go see your favorite TV show live. Here is the place to get tickets. (2002-01)
Type in your family surname and find out where your relatives lived in 1850, 1880, 1920, and 1960. (2002-01)
Pro Genealogists - surname study  (keywords: Genealogy)
The next time your car starts acting up check out the web to find out what the problem is. Put in the symptoms and you will get back a quick diagnostic. Even if you are not that good under the hood you will at least have a good idea of what the problem is before you take your car to the garage the next time. (2002-01)
Now for the lighter side. How about some comics? You can find Dick Tracy, Garfield, Doonesbury, Cats with hands, and Ann Telnaes, just to mention a few. You can find them at: (2002-01)
Another site for some laughs. Here you will find Li'l Abner, Alley Oop, and Fat Cats. (2002-01)
Comics  (keywords: Comics)
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