Web Page Reviews - 1999 - May

This is the second month for the WYSIWYG WEB WATCH. Keep sending in your favorite cyber hangouts. Here are some gems: (1999-05)
Stay In Touch With Yahoo! Pager
See when your friends are online and ready to talk.
Send them private, instant messages.
Alerts for new messages in your Yahoo! Mail or Yahoo! Personals account and for upcoming meetings in Yahoo! Calendar.
Get news, sport scores, and stock quotes.
What's for dinner? Check out the good foods people for recipes, tip charts, and holiday favorites: (1999-05)
A great fun site for personalizing free animated electronic greeting cards. (1999-05)
Blue Mountain  (keywords: Greeting cards, general)
Cyndi's List of genealogy sites on the Internet. Over 41,600 links, categorized and cross referenced, in over 100 categories. (1999-05)
Cyndi's list  (keywords: Genealogy)
You don't need to purchase anything from Octave to benefit from their extensive library of FAQ's and articles relative to CD recording equipment, media, recording tips, and technology. Includes a glossary and handbook (a collection of How To's). Get educated here before you go shopping. This address skips over the salesman and goes directly to the library. (1999-05)
Find the medical information you're looking for. Visit John Hopkins health information. Get medical updates via email. Search for drug information and send questions to a medical staffer: (1999-05)
With all the bogus medical information on the web, here's another trustworthy site. The Mayo Clinic site covers everything from allergies and asthma to nutrition for men, women, and children. And that's just the beginning… (1999-05)
Mayo Clinic  (keywords: Medical, general)
Can you bear to get away from your PC? Then take a trip. This site by the popular international travel book folks offers tips for planning your vacation. Post questions on their chat page and get recommendations from those who have gone before you. (1999-05)
Fodors  (keywords: History, general)
Are you a history buff? This site is devoted to press coverage of events in American history: (1999-05)
Fodors  (keywords: History, general)
Not interested in history, but still rather inquisitive? Wonder how things work? Then this site is for you: (1999-05)
How stuff works  (keywords: Reference, general)
Here is something for the youngest pc fanatics. This kid-able site by the crayon people has printable artwork for coloring, poetry, games, stories, and crafty project ideas for rainy days. (1999-05)
Crayola  (keywords: Art, generalFun)
Send someone a gentle kiss or a slobbery smooch in the e-kissing booth (the main reason to visit this site). Links to other sites they deem to be kissable: Love, romance, flowers... (1999-05)
Useless Site of the Month. As usual, the site address tells it all: (1999-05)
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