Web Page Reviews - 2006 - June

Free utility to modify message composition windows on the fly to allow for correct quoting and appearance in MS Outlook Express. (2006-06)
Extensions, plug-ins, and themes for Firefox web browser. (2006-06)
Firefox plugins  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, freeSoftware, open source)
Practical easy help for setting up and debugging a network. Troubleshooting tips. Reviews of LAN products. (2006-06)
Networking help by Practically Networked  (keywords: PCs, helpPCs, networks)
Opening dialogues from last night's TV talk shows. (2006-06)
Dozens of downloadable symbol fonts. (2006-06)
Symbol fonts  (keywords: Software, freeWindows, fonts)
International Federation of Competitive Eating - contest schedules, winners, and records. At home training, not recommended. (2006-06)
Competitive eating  (keywords: CuriosityFood, general)
Fast fun tool for creating architectural models, images, and walkthroughs, from sketches to presentations. Free download. Click on "Lite". (2006-06)
Design workshop  (keywords: Home, softwareSoftware, free)
Zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Experience terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there. Free download. (2006-06)
World Wind  (keywords: Maps, satelliteSoftware, free)
Bumper sticker sayings. (2006-06)
Bumper stickers  (keywords: CuriosityHumor, general)
Magazine subscriptions at discount prices. (2006-06)
Discount magazines  (keywords: MagazinesShopping, general)
A handsome canine. (2006-06)
Collections of entertainment reviews - film, DVD, music, TV, books, and games. (2006-06)
Meta Critic  (keywords: Books, reviewsEntertainment, reviewsGames, reviewsMovies, reviewsMusic, reviewsTelevision, reviews)
Check your Internet connection speed using various global sources. (2006-06)
Internet speed check  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Free games to play online or download. (2006-06)
Online games by Free Online Games  (keywords: Games, onlinePCs, gamesSoftware, free)
Interactive news trivia quiz game. (2006-06)
Play interactive keyboards to produce sophisticated music with orchestral effects or rap scratching. (2006-06)
Keyboards  (keywords: Music, electronic)
How gas prices work. (2006-06)
Gas prices by How Stuff Works  (keywords: Automotive, financial)
Pictures from ghost towns of the southwest. (2006-06)
Ghost towns  (keywords: Photography, scenery)
Various text and visual quizzes for movie addicts. (2006-06)
Movie quiz  (keywords: Games, onlineMovies, general)
Pictures and interior and exterior details of old calculators. Some calculator history. (2006-06)
Calculator museum 2  (keywords: Museum, calculators)
Large collection of micro cars. Pictures and videos. (2006-06)
Micro cars  (keywords: Museum, automotive)
Online cards for all occasions. (2006-06)
A discussion on fighting email spam. (2006-06)
Fight spam  (keywords: Email, spam)
Daily summaries of the Mad Money TV show. (2006-06)
Mad Money  (keywords: Finances, personalInvestingTelevision, general)
Free software to track household inventory. (2006-06)
Research airlines' safety records. Crash database sorted by country and airline. (2006-06)
Airlines' safety  (keywords: Airline, safetySafety, airline)
Kodak offers free Easyshare software to find, organize, fix, and share photos. (2006-06)
Photo software  (keywords: Photography, softwareSoftware, free)
Local web site(s) of the month; sites of interest in and near SE Michigan. Look here each month for another interesting site from our area. (2006-06)
Coupon savings from local and online merchants. (2006-06)
Coupon Cabin  (keywords: Local, shoppingShopping, general)
Connect to groups of people who share similar interests and live nearby. (2006-06)
Meet people  (keywords: Hobbies, generalLocal, hobbies)
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