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Rhode Island's Computer Museum. Select "Collections Gallery" to view a sizeable historic collection of large computing systems, smaller desktops, testing equipment, calculators, video game modules, and more. (2024-02)
Rhode Island Computer Museum  (keywords: Museum, technology)
Collection of oddball and scary scientific stuff, globes, motors, contraptions, lighting, microscopes, tubes, telephones, salesman samples, and more. (2009-02)
Contraptions  (keywords: Museum, technology)
Vintage radio equipment and memorabilia 1910-1950. (2008-12)
Vintage radio  (keywords: Museum, technology)
Museum of Broadcast Communications - TV encyclopedia and collection of 400 programs/images accessible online. (2006-02)
TV museum  (keywords: Museum, technologyTelevision, general)
Museum of 2300 calculating devices. (2005-10)
Calculator museum  (keywords: Museum, technology)

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