Web Page Reviews - 2006 - February

Historic places in Canada. (2006-02)
Canada history  (keywords: CanadaHistory, CATravel, CA)
Dozens of online games. Note that the game offerings change often. (2006-02)
Online games by Jay is Games  (keywords: Games, onlinePCs, entertainment)
Free online worldwide mapping tool. Search addresses, calculate routes. (2006-02)
Mapping tool  (keywords: Shopping, mapTravel, map)
List of the keyboard shortcuts in Windows XP. (2006-02)
WinXP keyboard  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
Museum of Broadcast Communications - TV encyclopedia and collection of 400 programs/images accessible online. (2006-02)
TV museum  (keywords: Museum, technologyTelevision, general)
Networking for newbies - many clear tutorials. (2006-02)
Networking help by EZ LAN  (keywords: PCs, networks)
What is a "PAR" file? (2006-02)
Crossword club with online newsletters, and online and printable puzzles. (2006-02)
Crossword club  (keywords: Games, crossword puzzlesPCs, entertainment)
Recycle used computer hardware and software here (MI and CA). (2006-02)
Decision support tool helps patients understand treatment options and possible side effects, and provides questions to ask your Doctor. (2006-02)
Search this database for local concert schedules by artist, city or venue. (2006-02)
Free utility displays details of shell extensions installed on your PC, and allows you to easily disable/enable each shell extensions. (2006-02)
Shell extensions  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Site presents international stories, essays and poems, translated to English. (2006-02)
Statistics regarding baby name popularity, SSA benefits for children, child proofing your home, toy and product recalls, and more. (2006-02)
Baby names  (keywords: Government, generalPeople, general)
Over 350 WinXP tips, registry fixes, scripts, troubleshooting guides, freeware utilities. (2006-02)
Virtual change room. Create the person, then create the new wardrobe. (2006-02)
Trip planner with a personalized road itinerary - select the "favor scenic roads" option for the LONG way to your destination. (2006-02)
Site maps locations of sex offenders by zip code. (2006-02)
Dictionary of British and American English slang. (2006-02)
Slang  (keywords: Dictionaries, generalLanguage, general)
Vast collection of clean jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, funny audio, funny videos, and more. Search keyword, topic, or date! (2006-02)
Test your reflex response online. (2006-02)
Free directory assistance via phone. You occasionally need to tolerate an audio commercial. (2006-02)
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An overwhelming amount of cuteness. (2006-02)
Local web site(s) of the month; sites of interest in and near SE Michigan. Look here each month for another interesting site from our area. (2006-02)
DOT site reports on road/bridge construction projects, lane closures, traffic cams, road alerts, bridge/tunnel/ferry fares, filing damage claims, and more. (2006-02)
Michigan DOT  (keywords: Local, travelTravel, MI)
Locate and map over 3500 historic sites across the state of Michigan. (2006-02)
Over 1500 photos of Detroit. (2006-02)
Detroit photos 1  (keywords: Local, generalPhotography, scenery)
Virtual tour of the Michigan State Capitol. (2006-02)
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