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Free downloadable e-book: "The 150 essential chords -- Chords every guitarist should know". (2017-02)
Chord e-book  (keywords: Music, instruments)
A keyboardist demonstrates the "American Foto Player" for silent films, and describes its features. (2017-02)
Foto Player demo  (keywords: Music, instruments)
Foto Player detail  (keywords: Music, instruments)
Large chord lists for guitar, banjo, ukulele, mandolin, bouzouki, and pipa. (2015-11)
Chord lists  (keywords: Music, instruments)
If you don't have sufficient security installed on your PC and it gets infected, play this. (2014-11)
Sad trombone  (keywords: Music, instruments)
Get a beat going with the grey keys, and make some noise with the rest. (2010-09)
Make noise  (keywords: Music, instruments)
Tour the gallery of unique, odd, ethnic, experimental and unusual musical instruments and resources. (2007-10)
Odd instruments  (keywords: Music, instruments)
Ignore the sales pitches and you will discover a gallery of the history, building, and playing of bagpipes. (2004-09)
Universe of bagpipes  (keywords: Music, general, Music, instruments)

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