Web Page Reviews - 2007 - October

Lutes, guitars, banjos, and mandolins around the world. (2007-10)
Chi mangia bene, mangia Italiano! (2007-10)
Italian recipes  (keywords: Food, recipes)
Unscramble, find, rhyme or define words to complete that puzzle or complete that project. (2007-10)
Unscramble  (keywords: Language, general)
Guitar lessons "taking you from absolute beginner to experienced player". (2007-10)
TV theme songs. (2007-10)
Tour the gallery of unique, odd, ethnic, experimental and unusual musical instruments and resources. (2007-10)
Odd instruments  (keywords: Music, instruments)
Displays the carbon dioxide emission levels of every country in the world, and birth/death rates - all in real time. (2007-10)
Global CO2  (keywords: Health, general)
Micro simulation of road traffic - change the traffic conditions on a ring road, a ramp, an uphill grade, at a traffic light, other, and see what happens. Select "Traffic Simulation". (2007-10)
Micro simulation  (keywords: Games, simulation)
World's ugliest car? (2007-10)
Type in commands for this pooch to respond. (2007-10)
Misadventures among various land, sea, and air vehicles. (2007-10)
I used this site's pictures and text to guide me in replacing the motor coupling on my clothes washer (a part which commonly fails). It was so simple. (2007-10)
Appliance aid  (keywords: Appliances, repair)
Pooch Plunge - four legged friends go for a dip together. (2007-10)
25 of the world's weirdest creatures. (2007-10)
The meanings and origins of over 1200 English sayings, phrases and idioms. (2007-10)
Phrase finder  (keywords: IdiomsLanguage, general)
Create your own mug shots. (2007-10)
Flash face  (keywords: Art, generalEntertainment, online, general)
More pictures of unlikely pairs of animals. (2007-10)
Animal pairs  (keywords: Animals, general)
What's special about this number? Mathematical curiosities. (2007-10)
Interactive time zone map. (2007-10)
How to make roses from maple leaves. (2007-10)
Search for lyrics by artist, song, album, or lyric part. (2007-10)
Graphical dictionary displaying word relationships. Enter a word, or watch a random selection. (2007-10)
Word relationships  (keywords: Language, general)
Test the speed for which your ISP is charging you. (2007-10)
Speed test  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Perception puzzles, optical Illusions and paradoxes - seeing is believing? (2007-10)
Extensive list of free and open source software for Windows platforms. (2007-10)
Open source software  (keywords: Software, freeSoftware, open source)
Flickr related tag browser - enter a word/phrase to view related photos and also related terms for further photo searches. (2007-10)
Tag browser  (keywords: Photography, search)
Pictures and videos of various US and International scenic railroads. (2007-10)
Scenic railroads  (keywords: Trains, general)
Earth science picture of the day. View the archives. (2007-10)
Bumper stickers collection. (2007-10)
Bumper stickers by Funny2  (keywords: Humor, on the road)
Play with this text to speech service. (2007-10)
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