Web Page Reviews - 2014 - November

Fast talking young British gal offers serious video reviews of computer hardware - mobos, video cards, gaming boards, processors, and more. (2014-11)
Hardware reviews  (keywords: Computers, hardware, general)
Trustworthy magazine PCMag offers comparative reviews of free and commercial anti-virus products (2014-11)
Antivirus reviews  (keywords: Computers, security)
Independent comparison of anti-virus products vs. the (mediocre) free Microsoft tool. Select 'Mobile' or 'Home User'. Click on the column headers to resort the categories. Click on any product name to view more detailed test results. (2014-11)
Reviews of Antivirus  (keywords: Computers, security)
If you don't have sufficient security installed on your PC and it gets infected, play this. (2014-11)
Sad trombone  (keywords: Music, instruments)
Thirty two quick color vision tests. (2014-11)
Vision tests  (keywords: Health, vision)
Considerations for why Linux might be better than a popular alternative operating system. Also, click on the "One Day With Linux" screen shot tour link near the top of the web page. (2014-11)
With speakers on, find cows, and then goats. Insane, isn't it. (2014-11)
Cows & goats  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Browse through vintage photos of personalities, events, and locations. Or "Browse by Decade" on the right. (2014-11)
Vintage photo albums  (keywords: Photography, general)
A tediously accurate map of our Solar System. Scroll to the right to travel through it. Click on anything that looks clickable. (2014-11)
Solar system map  (keywords: Space, planets)
Collection of links about proper care and maintenance for DSLR and smart phone cameras. (2014-11)
What Is "Google AdWords"? Advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google's search results. Download the infographic.pdf file to see how the AdWords auction works. (2014-11)
Google Adwords  (keywords: Internet, browser, general)
Simple, easy to understand answers to complex financial questions about banking, retirement, home buying, credit, life insurance, and more. (2014-11)
Smart asset  (keywords: Finances, general)
Sample art displayed at the Jackson Fine Art gallery in Atlanta. Select "Artists". (2014-11)
Jackson Fine Art  (keywords: Art, general)
The Nutrition Center will help you make heart healthy decisions at the grocery store and in your kitchen. (2014-11)
Understanding food nutrition labels, read and understand food labels to help you make healthier choices. (2014-11)
Dang good jokes appropriate for the whole family. (2014-11)
Select "Downloads" to view downloadable templates for spreadsheets, documents, and PPTs. They are usable in various brands of Office products (Kingsoft, Libre, Open, and Microsoft). (2014-11)
Experience an orchestra through multiple camera angles and explore the individual musical components up close. Start with Ravel's Bolero, click on "Ravel's Bolero" at screen top to toggle between the videos and the orchestra layout. (2014-11)
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Showcasing the coolest cars including electric, family, sports, fastest, bizarre, concepts, classics, modified cars, and more. (2014-11)
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