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A newspaper's annual lists of Michigan's best recreation, entertainment, eateries, markets, culture, and more, since 2003 (2005-12)
Michigan's best  (keywords: Culture, Entertainment, general, Local, general, Recreation, Restaurants)
Among some financial programs available here is a free downloadable Retirement Calculator - how much do you need to have and how long might it last? (2004-05)
American River  (keywords: Recreation)
A color choice game that will (supposedly) "reveal your financial, fashionable, romantic and friendly traits." (Select "English", then "Color & I".) (2003-10)
China Paint - Color and Me  (keywords: Recreation)
If you are thinking about retiring this site will provide you with a way to calculate how much you will need to retire. (2001-05)
American Savings Education Council - retirement  (keywords: Recreation)
Are you planning on visiting one of the National Parks this summer? This site gives you some info on what to see and where to stay. (2001-05)
American Park Network  (keywords: Recreation)

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