Web Page Reviews - 2001 - May

If you are thinking of a trip to the state of Alaska you will want to check out these sites. (2001-05)
Alaska  (keywords: Government, generalTravel, AK)
Travel Alaska  (keywords: Travel, AK)
Heading out for the golf course? Check here for information on over 20,000 golf courses worldwide. (2001-05)
Going out fishing this weekend? Head to Fish Search first for information on tackle, bait, fly tying, lodging, resorts and other useful fishing information. (2001-05)
Would you like some new wallpaper for your computer? You can download 35 free samples. If you really enjoy changing paper, you can buy a subscription, which will gain you access to over 400 works. (2001-05)
Digital blasphemy  (keywords: Computers, general)
Is it time to do some home improvements? Better Homes and Gardens has a multitude of information. The encyclopedia will take you through home wiring, carpentry projects, and plumbing. There are articles on home projects and How To's, and calculators to determine how much paint or wall paper to redo a room. Use the kitchen arranger to build and move walls and cabinets. (2001-05)
Are you planning on visiting one of the National Parks this summer? This site gives you some info on what to see and where to stay. (2001-05)
American Park Network  (keywords: Recreation)
For those of you that have a wedding coming up, you might want to check out The Knot. It has information about buying rings, setting budgets, on through booking a honeymoon. You can even set up a registry. (2001-05)
The Knot  (keywords: Weddings)
How about some fun water games like balloon toss, London River, penny hunt, water relay, and leaking relay for the kids. (2001-05)
Are you looking for a good summer theater? You can search over 1,000 regional productions nationwide. (2001-05)
Do you like to go out to the farmers markets? This site will give you dates, times, and locations by state. (2001-05)
Is there an interest in finding out more about your religion or other religions? Beliefnet covers religion from A to Z. You can access sacred texts and get information about customs. It may even help you understand your neighbor a little better before you get into a disagreement over politics. (2001-05)
Beliefnet  (keywords: Religion)
Seniornet is a nonprofit site that is set up to help older Americans learn how to use computers. The site has courses for people that are new to the internet. There are also message boards that have been very successful. You will also find many links to information and sites of interest to people 50+. (2001-05)
CBS Medscape is a site for medical professionals but it is written in an easy to understand language. It will provide health news, an excellent group of medical advisors, and information on over 40 different categories. There is also a medical test handbook. So the next time you are scheduled for a test you will know exactly what to expect. (2001-05)
Quicken is a site that will let you set up a portfolio, track stocks, and get the latest news on stocks. You can pay bills on line. You are also able to get information on insurance and loans. It offers information and help with your taxes. It is also a good source for information about retirement planning. (2001-05)
If you are thinking about retiring this site will provide you with a way to calculate how much you will need to retire. (2001-05)
Another site that might be of interest is the Social Security Administration if you are thinking about retiring. (2001-05)
Social Security Administration  (keywords: Government, generalRetirement, generalTaxes)
Have you been traveling a lot and collecting a lot of frequent flier miles but are having a hard time keeping track of these miles? Look no further. There is a solution at this site. (2001-05)
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