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In 2018, Spotify filed a patent that would essentially allow it to make music suggestions to you based on your emotional state, gender, age, social setting, or even accent. It was approved in January 2021. What does this mean for you? What info does Spotify collect about you? (2021-11)
What does Spotify collect about its users?  (keywords: Security, InternetSecurity, apps)
Your phone talks about you behind your back. Researchers have determined that more than 1,000 apps have been found to take data even after you've denied them permissions. What can you do about it? Don't use the apps. (2020-04)
Anti-privacy phone apps  (keywords: Security, appsTelephones, security)
Turn the light on and give me your passwords! Just one example of spyware masquerading as a useful app. Use extreme caution when adding apps and use a reputable mobile security solution to protect your device from the latest threats. (2018-12)
Apps as spyware  (keywords: Security, apps)

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