Web Page Reviews - 2000 - September

Welcome back. I hope you had a great summer. Now for some really important things. It's time to get those fingers working again by doing some surfing. So grab your board and lets jump in. (2000-09)
Would you like to customize the news that you receive so you get the things that are important to you? You can. Sign up and you will receive a daily email every morning with your customized news page. (2000-09)
With the new Casinos opening in Detroit, you might be ready to go out and win a bundle. Before you go you can brush up on the rules of the games. You can also find the odds of winning and other points of table etiquette. You can find out which games pay off the most and learn basic strategies to follow. (2000-09)
The Wizard of Odds  (keywords: Television, general)
Are you ready to put up your own web page? This site will provide you with a step by step tutorial on how to get your page up and running. (2000-09)
J Barta web instructions  (keywords: Computers, general)
For the women, here are some sites that may be of interest. They will provide information and links to sites dealing with issues such as health, home life, and pets, with message boards, and some shopping suggestions. (2000-09)
I Village  (keywords: Publications)
Oxygen  (keywords: Publications)
Martha Stewart  (keywords: Publications)
Lifetime TV  (keywords: Television, general)
For a younger look on women's issues there is: (2000-09)
Now not to leave anyone out, there are sites for guys also. This site has information on such topics as etiquette, grooming, dressing, and dating. (2000-09)
Yahoo and Kmart have teamed up to provide free web access. And what else would you expect this site to be called? (2000-09)
Blue Light  (keywords: Internet, general)
They say that the only sure things are death and taxes. Well we all can do our taxes online now so what about the other one. At Heavenly Door you can check for funeral homes in your area and you can even find obituaries. If there is no information that you might want from this site there is a very good link here to newspapers around the country. (2000-09)
Do you read the Macomb Daily? Have you checked them out online? (2000-09)
Do you have someone that will be heading off to college soon? You can learn about different schools, the local events, and what makes the campus truly unique. (2000-09)
Are you a teacher, a parent, or one of the kids? You will find some useful information at Scholastic. They have lesson plans, interactive web activities and workshops for teachers. For the parents, there are ideas on how to help your kids to do better and how they can enjoy school more The kids can find the best books and games and so much more. (2000-09)
Scholastic  (keywords: Education, general)
Get your stock quotes, set up a personal portfolio, and get expert advise at the New York Stock Exchange. (2000-09)
NYSE  (keywords: Finances, stockStock)
Are you a Peanuts fan? Check out Snoopy. You will find fun for both adults and children. (2000-09)
Now that we are well into the new year have you given up on doing those exercises and getting into shape? The American Heart Association has a site that will ease you into a fitness routine. You can set goals, select a list of activities, and then view your progress. (2000-09)
Just Move  (keywords: Health, general)
It's time to save some money. Check out these sites to get coupons for use near where you live and work. (2000-09)
Big coupons  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Are you planning to take that well deserved cruise? Get information from dining with the captain to how to cure seasickness. (2000-09)
About cruises  (keywords: Travel, general)
Get ship reviews from several travel writers and cruise passengers at: (2000-09)
Cruise mates  (keywords: Directories, general)
Do you enjoy a good meatless meal? Veggies Unite! supplies recipes, discussion boards, health/nutritional FAQs, and a veggie 'starter kit'. (2000-09)
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