Web Page Reviews - 2000 - June

New to the cable modem or DSL experience or just investigating the possibility? These sites offer info for newbies, local broadband service searching, speed tweaks, and some security checks you can run on your system. How really safe is your connection? (2000-06)
DSL Reports  (keywords: Computers, generalInternet, general)
GRC speed test  (keywords: Internet, security)
This site explains in great detail the subject of personal internet firewalls. The site discusses their importance, and describes five different firewall software packages. If you have a broadband internet connection (such as cable or DSL), you will find this content very informative and useful. (2000-06)
GRC - firewalls  (keywords: Internet, security)
Buying or selling an abode? Or just staying put? This site provides the tools and information you need to save time and money in the real estate game. Whether you are buying, owning, or selling, this site helps you make informed decisions about your most valuable asset, your home. (2000-06)
FastWeb will match you up with both well known and obscure college scholarship programs based on your personal criteria (do you have a distant Civil War relative, or were you once a golf caddy?). (2000-06)
Fast web  (keywords: Internet, general)
Pick from this site's inventory of over 1000 short films and documentaries including some Academy Award winners and watch them in their entirety online. (2000-06)
As of this writing, Napster, the online interface with which you can locate and download your favorite music in MP3 format, is still operational. This site offers a simple tutorial to joining in on this innovative technology. (2000-06)
Surf Monkey is a friendly cyberspace guide and companion that safely helps kids meet, learn, play, shop, and explore online. (2000-06)
Launch has more that 300 music videos on demand from major and emerging artists. Also has many MP3 an Windows Media Player audio files for downloading. (2000-06)
This site claims the web's largest PC help directory consisting of tools to tune up your computer, virus and bug protection, and various tips and tricks as well as "resources for thousands of products" (drivers, patches, upgrades, configuration help, FAQs, etc.). (2000-06)
Zack's motto is 'Empowering and Educating the Individual Investor'. This site tracks endless stocks, bonds, and mutual funds with late breaking market news and an educational section. Especially useful is their Fund Screener tool which searches for mutual funds based on your specific criteria input. (2000-06)
Digital classics are delivered to you via this site from England. Download their custom player and receive eight channels of opera and classical music. Their Classical Site Directory features over 1700 sites dedicated to classical music, instrumentals, conductors, singers, festivals, organizations, etc. (2000-06)
Several web sites assist consumers with complaints about products or services. Some will forward complaints to respective companies. (2000-06)
Better Business Bureau  (keywords: ConsumersReference, generalRetail)
You Get Heard  (keywords: Consumers)
An immense collection of reference tools, periodicals and online texts, library information and much more. You have to see it to believe it. (2000-06)
This site helps teens sort out medical problems and situations. A team of public health and medical professionals, journalists, and youth advocates contribute content to the site. (2000-06)
Take a 360 degree virtual tour of a prison. Rotate camera in each view with your mouse. Nice place to visit, but...... (2000-06)
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