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A map showing places near you that have Wikipedia pages. Or use the search box to investigate other geographical locations around the world. (2024-02)
Mapping Wikipedia pages near you  (keywords: Travel, general)
Visit random locations around the world. Use the Options button to select geographic localities and method of viewing and close Options. Or just hit the Go! button to travel randomly. The location you are viewing can be seen in the small box in the upper left corner of the screen. Drag your mouse to look in all directions. Use the arrows on the road to travel around. (2022-02)
Random travels with MapCrunch  (keywords: Travel, general)
Browse photo galleries of abandoned spaces and places around America. (2022-02)
Abandoned America  (keywords: Architecture, generalTravel, general)
Ghost towns in the U.S. and Canada. (2020-11)
Ghost towns in US & Canada  (keywords: Travel, general)
Places that have passed into obscurity, lesser known subjects of historical interest, and the more shadowy corners of the world. Over 400 pictorial collections of abandoned vessels, vehicles, aircraft, places, and more. (2013-10)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, generalArt, generalMilitary, generalTravel, general)
Forgotten places and urban curiosities. Search among abandoned, architecture, military, art, and travel. (2012-09)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, generalArt, generalMilitary, generalTravel, general)
Helps you to plan your road trips and share your road tripping experiences and expertise with others. (2012-06)
RoadTrip America  (keywords: Travel, general)
Free editable map of the whole world. (2010-01)
Open street map  (keywords: Maps, generalTravel, general)
A guide to sleeping in airports for weary and budget minded travelers. (2010-01)
Airport rest  (keywords: Airline, generalTravel, general)
Large colorful collection of agates, plus scenery of Britain, Scotland, Cambodia, and Turkey. (2008-09)
Agates  (keywords: Art, generalTravel, general)
Australian scenery, flora, fauna, the outback, architecture, and more. (2008-09)
Australia pictures  (keywords: Photography, AustraliaTravel, general)
Browse airlines, airports, meals, seats, lounges, and aircraft news. (2008-09)
Flyer guide  (keywords: Aircraft, generalTravel, general)
Tourist destination guide to the Niagara Falls area. (2008-09)
Niagara Falls  (keywords: Travel, general)
Virtual Cave - browse the wonders of the underground. Just grab a light, helmet, sturdy boots, and your mouse. (2007-12)
Virtual cave  (keywords: Nature, generalTravel, general)
Cruise vacation planning guide which includes objective reviews on 225+ ships, 55 cruise line profiles, and more. (2006-10)
Cruise critic  (keywords: Travel, general)
US Geological Survey site offers virtual tours of 54 National Parks, loaded with high quality 2D and 3D photos and descriptions. Also, links to National Park and Forestry sites for additional pictures and info. (2006-09)
National Park virtual tours  (keywords: Photography, sceneryTravel, general)
Check the on time performance and delay severity ratings of commercial flights before you purchase your next ticket. (2006-01)
Flight stats  (keywords: Airline, generalTravel, general)
Photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens. (2005-10)
Historic Athens  (keywords: History, generalPhotography, galleriesTravel, general)
Plan your trip to any National Park; search by name, geography, or category. (2005-10)
National Parks  (keywords: Travel, general)
Stories behind the graphics on the sides of U-Haul trucks. (2005-10)
U-Haul Art  (keywords: Travel, general)
User friendly satellite mapping technology to search for places in the US and Canada. (2005-05)
Satellite mapping  (keywords: Geography, generalMaps, generalTravel, general)
America's best, most accurate traffic reports. (2005-05)
Traffic reports  (keywords: Automotive, generalTravel, general)
Roadside art galore. Petrol pumps, drive in and movie theaters, neon signs, historic sites, route 66, bowling alley marquees, and more. (2003-06)
Roadside Peek  (keywords: Travel, general)
If you will be traveling to Louisiana you will find this site very useful for information on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. You can also get information on what is new and fun, festivals and events, and there is even information on history and heritage. (2003-03)
Louisiana travel - cooking  (keywords: Cooking, generalTravel, general)
If you are going to be traveling out of the USA, this site will be helpful. It will give you the current exchange rates. (2003-03)
Currency exchange rates  (keywords: Finances, generalTravel, general)
What deals are available for a winter getaway vacation? Search for weekly travel specials for air, car rental, cruises, lodging and for vacation packages. (2003-01)
Travel Zoo  (keywords: Travel, general)
An image collection of travel and hotel brochures, advertising postcards and posters, ocean liner timetables, luggage labels and tags of the 20's and 30's from around the world. (2002-12)
Travel brochure graphics  (keywords: Travel, general)
This site reconciles travelers' expectations with reality. Dangerous places and things, how to prepare for danger, and what do to if you are caught up in a dangerous situation. (2002-10)
Come back alive  (keywords: Travel, general)
The Federal Highway Administration manages a site of 36 National Scenic Byways, with history, navigation, maps, photos and stories of the scenic locations. (2002-10)
Byways  (keywords: Travel, general)
Do you need information on your travel destination? What is there to see, what is there to do when you get there, or for that matter how do you get there? Check these sites out. (2002-09)
Travel and Leisure  (keywords: Travel, general)
Travel Channel  (keywords: Travel, general)
Are you concerned about staying healthy while you are away from home? These two sites will help answer your questions. (2002-09)
Trip prep  (keywords: Travel, general)
CDC - travel  (keywords: Government, generalTravel, general)
More and more people are taking to the sky. The Riviera is one spot that is as popular as it has always been. Here are some sites to get you acquainted with the area. They will provide information on where to stay, where to eat, what to see, maps of the areas, practical information for the area, and even web cams to see the area. (2002-05)
Nice tourism  (keywords: Travel, general)
Eze Riviera  (keywords: Travel, general)
Monaco tourism  (keywords: Travel, general)
Antibes-Juanlespins  (keywords: Travel, general)
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This site provides a reasonably comprehensive list of things to do (shopping/dining/entertainment) for many cities (even small towns), including movie schedules within a twenty five mile radius. (2002-04)
My city  (keywords: Travel, general)
Now that you are there, what do you do? Try Lonely Planet for off the beaten track locales. There are also links to many other sites. (2001-11)
Lonely Planet  (keywords: Travel, general)
Do you need a map to get you around? Whether you are trying to get across town or across country, this site will help make it a little easier to get there. (2001-11)
Map Quest  (keywords: Maps, generalTravel, general)
Do you have questions on health or safety while you are traveling around the world? These sites may help. (2001-09)
CDC - travel  (keywords: Government, generalTravel, general)
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Are you having a problem finding an airline that will take you to that deserted island? Check out Airlines of the web for links to over 500 airlines worldwide. (2001-09)
Airlines of the Web  (keywords: Travel, general)
A site that might not come up in your search for airfares is Southwest Airlines. It will often turn up the lowest fares if you are flying to the right city. (2001-09)
Southwest Airlines  (keywords: Airline, generalTravel, general)
Are you planning a vacation but you just do not know where to go, or do you have a destination picked out but you are just not sure what there is to see and do when you get there? Enter a city, state or country for local information. If you don't know where to go, you can search through tools such as the Cruise Finder or the National Parks finder to help you find the ideal vacation spot. (2001-03)
AOL Travel  (keywords: Travel, general)
Are you planning to take that well deserved cruise? Get information from dining with the captain to how to cure seasickness. (2000-09)
About cruises  (keywords: Travel, general)
Even is you are not ready to take that well deserved trip in the next few days you can save some money on your next vacation by shopping around. I saved $30 on a car rental through this site. (2000-03)
Last Minute Travel  (keywords: Travel, general)
Are you looking to get out of this cold and head for a warm climate? Here are few sites that can do just that is you are able to leave on short notice. (2000-03)
Last Minute Travel  (keywords: Travel, general)
Have you missed any of Heather Newman's computer columns in the Free Press? Here's where you'll find the past year's worth of her valuable articles. (Can we get her back here for another inspiring tech talk?) (1999-09)
Going Going Gone  (keywords: Travel, general)
Do you like auctions? At these sites you set your itinerary and name your price. If you are the high bidder you are on your way to that paradise away from home. (1999-09)
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Priceline tickets  (keywords: Travel, general)
Going Going Gone  (keywords: Travel, general)
Some top travel bargain sites (1999-09)
One Travel  (keywords: Travel, general)
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Check for the best air deals anytime you wish to travel day  (keywords: Travel, general)
How about dealing directly with the airlines? Virgin Atlantic will offer cut rate fares for trips such as $228 round trip to London from selected cities. (1999-09)
Virgin Airlines  (keywords: Airline, general)
Delta Air  (keywords: Airline, general)
American Airlines  (keywords: Airline, general)
Continental Airlines  (keywords: Airline, general)
Southwest Airlines  (keywords: Airline, generalTravel, general)
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Let's make a deal, everyone wants one, right? Try these sites: (1999-09)
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Travelocity  (keywords: Travel, general)
If you are traveling by car you can plot your route and book your hotel through AAA. (1999-09)
AAA  (keywords: Travel, general)

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