Web Page Reviews - 2007 - September

View Oakland County Road Commission presentation regarding the shortfall of funding for road construction and repairs. Click on "Oakland's Road Problems". This affects anyone who drives in Oakland County. (2007-09)
Road Commission of Oakland County  (keywords: Reference, general)
View road construction projects for Macomb County. Also, click on "FAQS" to determine how much of your tax money is used on our Michigan roads. (2007-09)
Unique typing test and game. Select "Fingerjig typing game". (2007-09)
Typing test  (keywords: Skills, typing)
Photo recipes for lasagna, cinnamon rolls, bread pudding, and a few others. (2007-09)
Pioneer cook  (keywords: Food, recipes)
Hundreds of international recipes, categorized by country. (2007-09)
Country recipes  (keywords: Food, recipes)
A dead drive brought back to life. (2007-09)
Dead drive  (keywords: PCs, help)
High-res photo of San Francisco after 1906 earthquake. Follow instructions for mouse zooming. (2007-09)
Attempting to lose some weight? Try this. (2007-09)
Toilet train your feline pet. (2007-09)
Listener supported Internet radio featuring blues and blues-rock music. (2007-09)
Blues on Inet  (keywords: Internet, radio)
Free online video converter. Convert and download videos from YouTube, Google Video, and directly from .FLV file. Play it on your PC, Mobile, iPod, and PSP. (2007-09)
Imperial history of the Middle East. See 5000 years of history in 90 seconds. (2007-09)
Free utility for converting sound files among mp3, wav, and wma file formats. Select "Switch Sound Converter" or "audio file converter". (2007-09)
Sound file converter  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, free)
Hundreds of high quality photos of birds. (2007-09)
Birds  (keywords: Photography, birds)
Unique 'polar clock' Downloadable as a screen saver. Select "PolarClock". (2007-09)
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Search through the online USDA National Nutrient Database or download the database to your PC. (2007-09)
Convert among length, weight, volume, pressure, and temperature measurements. Select "Calculator". (2007-09)
Metric conversions 2  (keywords: Measurements)
The things people perhaps should not do... (2007-09)
If you don't like these cute pictures, you probably know someone who does. (2007-09)
Free note management utility for the input, organization, and quick retrieval of your notes and content clippings. (2007-09)
Ever note  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, free)
Hundreds of Win98/2000/XP/Vista O/S, Networking, Application, and Installation tips, tricks, and tutorials. (2007-09)
PC tutorials  (keywords: PCs, help)
Photos of city skylines, night scenes, bridges, stadiums, harbors, and more. (2007-09)
Thousands of photos. Photo alteration tutorials using PhotoShop and Paint Shop. A "How'd they do that?" section. (2007-09)
Photo tutorials by DPChallenge  (keywords: Photography, tutorial)
Click left buttons to change the quantity of lines and amount of rotation; click anywhere to change appearance of lines; click right corner to switch between black and white backgrounds. (2007-09)
Quick peel an egg, speed tie shoes, and more time savers. (2007-09)
Waitless  (keywords: Fun)
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