Fun (15)

Quick peel an egg, speed tie shoes, and more time savers. (2007-09)
Waitless  (keywords: Fun)
A peek into the handbags of over 40 women, exposing the contents to see what's really important. Also takes a look at a few male backpacks. (2004-05)
Bag ladies  (keywords: Fun)
The unsinkable tugboat. (2004-05)
Towboat takes a dip  (keywords: Fun)
Symmetrical Line Inference - several colorful animated designs. Fast PC recommended. (2004-05)
Recursive Lines  (keywords: Fun)
What does your phone number spell? (2004-05)
Phone spell  (keywords: Fun)
Why do you need this?? A collection of actual patented inventions that you will never see. (2003-06)
Totally absurd  (keywords: Fun)
It's time for some fun. This site contains game shows, word games, solitaire and puzzles at various levels of difficulty. (2002-11)
Boxer Jam  (keywords: Fun)
Hey Buddy, have the time? How much time? This actuarial clock will count down the final minutes until your calculated demise. (2002-10)
Death clock  (keywords: Fun)
It may be cold outside, but you can still dream. And to help you out, here is someone's Hawaiian shirt collection, with over a hundred priceless images. (2001-02)
Vintage Hawaiian shirts  (keywords: Fun)
Useless sites of the month: Take out your political frustrations with an egg toss and watch the US presidents dance. (2000-10)
Egg vote  (keywords: Fun)
How about a nice quiet game of chess. At this site you can play against the computer or you can take on real opponents. (2000-05)
Micro vision  (keywords: Fun)
Take a tour of a jelly bean factory. Also, view jelly bean art, recipes, and a factory tour. (1999-11)
Jelly belly  (keywords: Cooking, dessertsFun)
Waiting for your email to download? Bide your time with "Computer Songs and Poems". Something here for everyone. (Overwhelmed? Start with "A is for Apple"). (1999-09)
Computer songs and poems  (keywords: Fun)
The world's best bubble wrap page. A very valuable site, if you enjoy noisy plastic. Bubble wrap diagnostics, etiquette, methods, and style. (1999-06)
Bubble wrap  (keywords: Fun)
Here is something for the youngest pc fanatics. This kid-able site by the crayon people has printable artwork for coloring, poetry, games, stories, and crafty project ideas for rainy days. (1999-05)
Crayola  (keywords: Art, generalFun)

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