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Here's how to use a HOSTS file to block irritating ads, banners, 3rd party cookies, 3rd party page counters, web bugs, and even most hijackers. Note special instructions for Vista and Win7. Includes a very valuable sample HOSTS file with hundreds of prelisted ad and hacking sites! (2011-02)
Hosts files  (keywords: PCs, securityPCs, utilitiesWindows, hosts file)
Browse and download over 15,000 high quality free icons for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems. (2009-02)
Free icons  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Valuable free PC utilities: Advanced System Care, Smart Defrag, and Spyware Defender. (2009-02)
IObit free tools  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free note management utility for the input, organization, and quick retrieval of your notes and content clippings. (2007-09)
Ever note  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, free)
Free utility for converting sound files among mp3, wav, and wma file formats. Select "Switch Sound Converter" or "audio file converter". (2007-09)
Sound file converter  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, free)
Free image editing and photo manipulation software supports layers, unlimited undo, and special effects. (2007-05)
Get paint  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, free)
Free utility to recover deleted files. Select 'Downloads' and then 'FreeUndelete'. (2006-11)
Office Recovery  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free utility launches documents, files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes. (2006-10)
Launchy  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free .pdf file creation utility. (2006-10)
PDF File creator  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Your Windows HOSTS file can be used to help protect your system from malware. Free hosts editing utilities are also listed here. (2006-09)
Hosts file  (keywords: PCs, securityPCs, utilitiesWindows, hosts file)
Before discarding a hard drive, use a disk wiping utility on it. DBAN is free. (2006-09)
Disk wiper  (keywords: PCs, securityPCs, utilities)
Free RSS Reader application. (2006-09)
Free RSS reader  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Extensions, plug-ins, and themes for Firefox web browser. (2006-06)
Firefox plugins  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, freeSoftware, open source)
Free general purpose text editor (2006-05)
Text editor  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Foxit Reader - free alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader. (2006-05)
PDF reader  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free utility displays details of shell extensions installed on your PC, and allows you to easily disable/enable each shell extensions. (2006-02)
Shell extensions  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free online firewall, spyware, and internet speed tests. (2005-12)
Firewall & speed test  (keywords: PCs, securityPCs, utilities)
Free quick shutdown utility for all Windows flavors. (2005-11)
Windows shutdown  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
A PDF Forum for Users and Programmers; ask questions, get answers. (2005-11)
PDF forum  (keywords: PCs, helpPCs, utilities)
Site provides a unique collection of small useful freeware utilities for security, network/system monitoring, password recovery; freeware links. (2005-10)
PC utilities  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free Virtual Magnifying Glass screen magnification tool for Windows. (2005-09)
Magnifying glass  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesWindows, general)
Freeware utilities from the popular GRC website. (2005-05)
GRC freeware utilities  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSoftware, free)
Free "AM-DeadLink" utility detects dead links and duplicates in your browser bookmarks. Go to 'downloads'. (2005-04)
Dead link utility  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Hundreds of well organized Excel tips on everything from keyboard shortcuts to Visual Basic programming, (2005-04)
MS Excel Tips  (keywords: PCs, helpPCs, utilities)
Step by step guide to migrating files and settings to a new WinXP PC. (2005-03)
Microsoft WinXP Pro migration  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesWindows, WinXP)
Check occasionally for extensions (small add ons) which add new functionality to Firefox. (2005-03)
Mozilla updates  (keywords: Internet, browsing, generalPCs, utilitiesSoftware, open source)
Free malware scanner utility; click on "a2 free" button. (2005-02)
Emsisoft Software  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free archiving utility for Windows: provides support for wide range of compressed, encoded and disc image files, with powerful features. (2005-01)
Tug Zip  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Sun's free OpenOffice.org productivity suite, a collection of desktop applications compatible with MSOffice, is here, with user guides. (2004-12)
Open Office Dot Org  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
mp3DirectCut - a free tool for editing mpeg audio directly. Remove parts, change volume, split files or copy regions to new files. (2004-12)
MP3 Direct Cut  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesSounds)
MS Powertoys for XP. (2004-11)
Microsoft - Windows power toys  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Free utility to change the boot (start up) screen in WinXP. (2004-11)
Stardock  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Site lists suspected rogue, deceptive, or useless antispyware apps and websites, as well as trustworthy products. (2004-11)
Spyware Warrior  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
Are you using old antivirus software? This quality A V software publisher offers your PC a free virus check. (2004-05)
Trend Micro - house call  (keywords: PCs, utilities)

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