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How to check your computer uptime on Windows 11 and 10. (2023-11)
Computer uptime on Windows  (keywords: Windows, general)
Look up when your software/hardware will stop getting updates. Lists end-of-life dates for Windows, Office, Linux, iPhones, iPads, and MacOS products, and much more. (2023-10)
End-of-life hardware/software dates  (keywords: Android, generalApple, generalComputers, generalLinux, generalSoftware, generalWindows, general)
Four things to do before selling or donating your Windows PC or laptop. (2023-03)
To do before selling/donating your Windows PC  (keywords: Windows, general)
Little-known Windows features that will help you save time and get organized. (2022-11)
Windows tips  (keywords: Windows, general)
35+ Command Prompt keyboard shortcuts for Windows. (2022-11)
Windows command prompt shortcuts  (keywords: Windows, general)
Windows 11 shortcuts from A to Z. (2022-11)
Windows shortcuts  (keywords: Windows, general)
Microsoft Edge may be running on your Windows PCs, even if you don't use the Edge web browser. (2022-03)
MS Edge startup boost  (keywords: Internet, browser, EdgeWindows, general)
TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module technology) appears to be the prime requirement for Windows 11 to install and run on a PC. If your PC does not have TPM 2.0, Win11 will not install on it. (2021-09)
What is TPM --- Trusted Platform Module?  (keywords: Windows, general)
Windows 3.0 is 30 years old: Here's what made it special. (2021-01)
Why Windows 3.0 was special  (keywords: Windows, general)
What exactly happens when you shut down or sign out of Windows? (2020-03)
Shutting down Windows PC  (keywords: Computers, generalWindows, general)
Is your PC running unsupported hardware? Microsoft might be fighting you even more on Windows 7 and 8.1 systems, refusing hardware support through Windows Updates. (2018-10)
Windows refusing hardware support?  (keywords: Windows, general)
You can save your laptop battery by getting the system to automatically disable Wi-Fi when connected to a LAN connection. Here's how in Windows. (2017-12)
Save laptop battery  (keywords: Windows, general)
How to enable Remote Desktop Connections in all versions of Windows. (2017-11)
Remote Desktop Connections  (keywords: Windows, general)
9 ways to speed up your Windows computer. (2017-01)
Make Windows PC faster  (keywords: Windows, general)
What you can do to make a Windows PC faster. (2016-12)
Make Windows PC faster  (keywords: Windows, general)
What a file's meta data is and how to edit it in Windows. (2016-12)
Edit metadata  (keywords: Windows, general)
Making Windows screen shots using the Print Screen key (PrtScn) and other tools. (2016-12)
Windows screen shots  (keywords: Windows, general)
Command Prompt, how to use the simple basic commands. (2016-06)
Command prompt 2  (keywords: Windows, general)
5 folder secrets every Windows user needs to know. (2016-05)
Folder secrets  (keywords: Windows, general)
Make Windows 7 & 8 libraries work for you. (2016-05)
Windows 7 & 8 libraries  (keywords: Windows, general)
How to uninstall the Windows Product Key and use it on a new PC. (2016-04)
Uninstall Windows product key  (keywords: Windows, general)
Find missing drivers and hidden devices in Windows, with Device Manager. (2016-03)
Using Windows' Device Manager  (keywords: Windows, general)
Does "safely ejecting" a device from a USB port actually do anything? (2015-09)
Eject devices safely  (keywords: Windows, general)
Each month, this site offers detailed information about all security and non-security patches that Microsoft released in that month. Perhaps look here before installing MS patches on your PC? (2015-02)
MS patch details  (keywords: Windows, general)
Collection of Alt codes by category such as foreign language, bullet, drawing, math, currency, arrow, and more. (2014-10)
Alt code list  (keywords: Windows, general)
Got an hour to kill? Watch (nearly) every version of Windows being installed (MS-DOS through Windows 8). (2013-10)
Windows installs  (keywords: Windows, general)
Free utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system in one view. Add this to your PC toolbox. (2012-10)
Driver view  (keywords: Software, driversWindows, general)
Many Windows 7 Command Prompt commands are similar to classic MS-DOS commands. Here is a list of those Windows 7 CP commands. The list notes those which do not work in 64 bit Windows 7. (2012-10)
Command prompt  (keywords: Windows, general)
Free collection of 32 and 64 bit RAW image decoders for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. (2010-04)
Image decodors  (keywords: Photography, generalWindows, general)
Gives a detailed description of file extensions and lists the programs that can open the type of file. (Don't allow any 'free scans' while visiting here!) (2009-03)
File extensions  (keywords: Windows, general)
View widgets, modules, badges, and flakes which you can add to your desktop. (2009-01)
Widgets  (keywords: Windows, general)
Organize your applications on up to four virtual desktops. (2008-10)
Virtual desktop  (keywords: Windows, general)
Perform a visual proxy trace from your computer to a remote address. (2008-03)
TracertTool  (keywords: Computers, generalWindows, general)
Lots of how to articles for Windows XP, Vista, and Office, Linux, Firefox, and more. (2008-01)
How-to geek  (keywords: Linux, generalPCs, helpWindows, general)
Collection of Windows error messages. (2007-06)
Win errors  (keywords: Windows, general)
Online service converts your file(s) to various image, document, music, or video formats. (2007-03)
File convert  (keywords: Windows, general)
Freeware utility that retrieves your Product Key (CD key) used to install MS Windows and Office from your registry. (2007-02)
Product Key  (keywords: Windows, general)
Download Windows product updates and addons, games and updates, drivers, and more. (2006-05)
MS downloads  (keywords: Windows, general)
Free Virtual Magnifying Glass screen magnification tool for Windows. (2005-09)
Magnifying glass  (keywords: PCs, utilitiesWindows, general)
View timeline of miscellaneous computing languages. Click on the timeline diagram to enlarge it and follow their creations and how they feed into each other. Also similar diagrams of Windows and Unix histories. (2004-04)
Time line of computer languages  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, general)
Time line of Windows  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, generalWindows, general)
Time line of Unix  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, generalUnix)
A couple of software architects have created several dozen unique utility programs and informational documents for users of Windows and Linux. (2004-03)
Sys Internals  (keywords: Linux, generalWindows, general)
Are you tired of the MS Office 97 Office Assistant, sometimes referred to as Clippy, the animated paperclip? Here's how to kill it… or at least put it to sleep: (1999-04)
Kill Clippy  (keywords: Office suites, generalWindows, general)

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