Web Page Reviews - 2013 - November

Fully HTML5 remake of the original Super Mario Brothers game. (2013-11)
Super Mario  (keywords: Games, online)
ASAP Science answers many of your science questions in an animated fashion. (2013-11)
ASAP Science  (keywords: Science)
Learn about your eyes - conditions, symptoms, heath, nutrition, exams, and more. (2013-11)
My eyes  (keywords: Health, eyes)
For train enthusiasts, the record setting Flying Scotsman in a lengthy photo series. (2013-11)
Flying Scotsman  (keywords: Trains, general)
Browse the over 23,000 items in the Air and Space Collections that have digital records available for viewing online. (2013-11)
Air & Space  (keywords: Museum, Air/Space)
Bitdefender producers offer a free rootkit remover utility for your software toolkit. (2013-11)
Bitdefender anti-rootkit  (keywords: Software, security)
Five hundred courses and 1800 video lectures plus documentaries, images, books, and other multimedia on dozens of subjects. (2013-11)
Cosmo learning  (keywords: Education, training tools)
Site collects and analyzes legal complaints about online activity, helping Internet users to know their rights and understand the law. (2013-11)
Command line reference for web, database, and OS scripting - Windows CMD, Linux Bash, Oracle SQL, MS PowerShell, CSS, and more. (2013-11)
Command line reference  (keywords: Software, programming)
Thirtyeight maps you never knew you needed. (2013-11)
38 maps  (keywords: Maps, general)
Companion site to British photo magazine - tips, tutorials, reviews, beginner section, and more. (2013-11)
Digital Camera World  (keywords: Photography, general)
Examines sources of and uses for most important pigments used through the early 20th century, scientific analysis to analyze works of art, pigment, time periods, and more. (2013-11)
Pigments  (keywords: Art, pigments)
Interactive calculators to estimate or compare many aspects of your financial welfare - insurance, retirement, budgeting, IRA investing, saving, a financial literacy quiz, and more. (2013-11)
Financial calculators 2  (keywords: Finances, personal)
Planet Earth seen from space in 20 minute HD video. (2013-11)
Earth from Space  (keywords: Space, Earth)
Are you transitioning to MS Office 2010 and related products with the ribbon menus and toolbars? View the interactive ribbon guides here or download the "Menu to ribbon reference workbooks". (2013-11)
Office ribbons  (keywords: Office suites, general)
Computer and internet terminology using easy to understand descriptions and images. Select "Computer Terms". (2013-11)
Displays the latitude and longitude coordinates in degrees, minutes, seconds decimal, degrees minutes decimal, and degrees decimal of mapped locations. (2013-11)
Mapping coordinates  (keywords: Maps, general)
Learn new languages for free using these online resources. (2013-11)
Language training  (keywords: Language, general)
Dozens of classic car pictures, plus short histories of 75 brands. (2013-11)
Grandpa's old cars  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Public safety resource that provides the public with access to sex offender data nationwide; a partnership between the U.S. DoJ and state, territorial, and tribal governments. (2013-11)
Public safety  (keywords: Safety, public)
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