Web Page Reviews - 2013 - October

Organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face to face with interests and hobbies like yours. (2013-10)
Meet people  (keywords: Hobbies, generalLocal, hobbies)
Places that have passed into obscurity, lesser known subjects of historical interest, and the more shadowy corners of the world. Over 400 pictorial collections of abandoned vessels, vehicles, aircraft, places, and more. (2013-10)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, generalArt, generalMilitary, generalTravel, general)
Hilarious bunny suicides comic collection. (2013-10)
Bunny comics  (keywords: Comics)
Rare classic cars from the 30s as well as classic American cars, all with lots of chrome. Also, rare autos at various international car shows - Talbot, Alfa, Delage, Ferrari, and more. (2013-10)
Go back to personal finance school with courses that will have you building your portfolio in no time. No need to register to read the valuable contents. Stocks, funds, bonds, and portfolio categories, with many short courses in each. (2013-10)
Fee and free woodworking plans, free tutorials, how to's, project ideas, and shop tips. (2013-10)
Woodworking help  (keywords: Hobbies, woodworking)
Two galleries of Fillmore Theatre music concert posters from the late 60s. (2013-10)
Fillmore posters  (keywords: Music, posters)
Got an hour to kill? Watch (nearly) every version of Windows being installed (MS-DOS through Windows 8). (2013-10)
Windows installs  (keywords: Windows, general)
Move the mouse for an unending kaleidoscope. (2013-10)
ANTS - Nature's Secret Power - special macro film technology displays the mysterious world of these social insects. One hour video. (2013-10)
Ants  (keywords: Bugs, general)
Pick the numbers from 1 to 100 in a timed challenge. (2013-10)
Timed count  (keywords: Games, online)
Variety of images from scanning and transmission electron microscopes. (2013-10)
Simple step by step pictorial instructions on how to do over 300 practical (and not so practical) activities. (2013-10)
Military aviation history and heritage of the Michigan Air National Guard at Selfridge ANG Base. (2013-10)
The Library of Congress displays 19,600 historical photos. (2013-10)
Local history photos  (keywords: Photography, history)
Cartoons from the deranged folks who bring you Shoebox greeting cards. Search by category or author. (2013-10)
An illustrated travel guide to Great Britain based on personal experience of the locations, with pictures of landscapes, historical buildings, moorlands, villages, more. (2013-10)
UK travel guide  (keywords: Travel, England)
Collection of challenging logic puzzles and word games for enthusiasts of all ages. (2013-10)
Puzzlers  (keywords: Entertainment, games)
The short course online library of digital photography - tips and advice for buying and using digital cameras. (2013-10)
Photo course  (keywords: Photography, cameras)
Takes the mystery out of all things mechanical so that women can fix, renew, and restore their own stuff. Ask questions, read articles, and watch videos. (2013-10)
See Jane Drill  (keywords: Do It Yourself)
Play the piano on your keyboard with this open source MIDI keyboard application. (2013-10)
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