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Bogus 'Adblock Plus' opens more ads. Be sure that your copy of this tool is legitimate. (2017-11)
Bogus 'Adblock Plus'  (keywords: Software, security)
Four things to consider when buying a Security Suite (or settling for a free one). (2016-03)
Security Suites  (keywords: Security, softwareSoftware, security)
Wireless Network Watcher is a great free tool to keep tabs on who or what might be connecting to your home network with or without your consent. (2015-06)
Wireless Network Watcher tool  (keywords: Software, security)
Wikipedia maintains a list of rogue security software tools. Beware of these! Also, be aware of minute spelling differences between the names of these threats and of legitimate security products. (Finally, be aware that there may be legitimate tools erroneously listed here.) (2015-05)
Rogue software  (keywords: Software, security)
Discussion and ranking of computer internet security software. Pros, cons, and comparisons between products. How does your choice perform? (2015-03)
Security software  (keywords: Software, security)
Security information portal, testing, and certification body with a formidable reputation for providing users with independent intelligence about global threat developments. Investigate the "VB100" and "VBSpam" tabs to discover how well your security software choice compares with others. Maybe consider a change??? (2015-03)
Virus bulletin  (keywords: Software, security)
Free tool for removing adware, PUPs, tool bars, and browser hijackers. (2015-01)
AdwCleaner  (keywords: Software, security)
Browser add on to reduce quantity of web page ads (available for various browsers): (2014-04)
AdBlockPlus  (keywords: Software, security)
Browser add on to block over 1900 beacons, advertisers, analytics services, and page gadgets which snoop on your web surfing (available for various browsers). (2014-04)
Ghostery  (keywords: Software, security)
Is someone stealing your Wi-Fi connection? View list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network with this free tool. (2014-03)
Net watcher  (keywords: Software, security)
Easy way to ensure that your browsers and plugins are up to date with the latest security patches. (2014-03)
Qualys  (keywords: Software, security)
Bitdefender producers offer a free rootkit remover utility for your software toolkit. (2013-11)
Bitdefender anti-rootkit  (keywords: Software, security)
A lengthy list of confirmed malware domains. Peruse the list, just don't visit any of them. (2013-02)
Malware domains  (keywords: Software, security)
Independent comparatives of anti-virus software. View the "Comparatives/Reviews" tab. (2012-06)
Compare a/v utilities  (keywords: Software, security)
A rather detailed comparison of 4 popular free anti-virus/anti-malware tools for Windows systems. Overwhelmed? Then skip to the 'Final Verdict' first. (2012-02)
Malware comp  (keywords: Software, securityWindows, security)
Free service analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by the antivirus industry using several security tools. (2012-02)
Virustotal  (keywords: Software, securityWindows, security)

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