Trains, general (18)

Every type of railcar explained in 15 Minutes. (17-min. video) (2024-01)
Railcars explained  (keywords: Trains, general)
Watchin' the trains go by: You don't have to sit by the railroad track to get a glimpse, thanks to freight train livestreams. (2023-09)
Watch trains go by  (keywords: Trains, general)
Tiny trains traversing the "land under". (5-min. video) (2021-12)
Tiny trains  (keywords: Trains, general)
Take a colorful train tour this Fall in Michigan. (2019-11)
Train tours in Michigan  (keywords: Local, generalTrains, general)
Aerial view of a train derailment cleanup event in a peaceful farming countryside. (15-min. video) (2018-01)
Train derailment cleanup  (keywords: Trains, general)
Experience the 3-year restoration and testing of the Canadian Pacific Railway's Royal Hudson 2816 steam locomotive, and its inaugural, and very scenic, run from Vancouver to Calgary. (Two 1-hour videos) (2017-03)
CPR Royal Hudson restoration  (keywords: Trains, general)
CPR Royal Hudson Inauguration  (keywords: Trains, general)
Collection of photos on the subject of railroads. (2016-11)
Railroad galleries  (keywords: Photography, railroadsTrains, general)
1935 film of construction of a railway steam locomotive from raw steel to completion. (17 min. video) (2016-09)
Locomotive construction  (keywords: Trains, general)
Canadian Railway history and stories, with related links, photos, and videos. (2014-01)
Canadian Railway  (keywords: Trains, general)
For train enthusiasts, the record setting Flying Scotsman in a lengthy photo series. (2013-11)
Flying Scotsman  (keywords: Trains, general)
Very extensive collection of photos and videos of European trains, engines, cars, carriages, trams, streetcars, and other railway vehicles. Choose from German, French, or English site translation. (2013-09)
TrainWeb  (keywords: Trains, general)
Dedicated to the memory of Bethlehem Steel's in plant Railroad. (2013-09)
Beth steel RR  (keywords: Trains, general)
Over 13,000 railroad videos for train enthusiasts. Search by locomotive type, railroad, location, and more. (2012-09)
Rail videos  (keywords: Trains, generalTransportation, railroads)
North East Rails - 30,000 rail photos, mostly in Pennsylvania and northeast states. (2009-11)
North East Rails  (keywords: Trains, general)
Collection of articles and images of geared ("4 wheel drive") steam locomotives. (2009-11)
Geared trains  (keywords: Trains, general)
Scenic and some tragic railway photos and videos. (2008-05)
Rail videos  (keywords: Trains, generalTransportation, railroads)
Pictures and videos of various US and International scenic railroads. (2007-10)
Scenic railroads  (keywords: Trains, general)
All you wanted to know about monorails can be found here, including a description and photo of the world's oldest operating system. Is Detroit's People Mover really a monorail? The site's definition page explains. (2001-02)
Monorails  (keywords: Reference, generalTrains, general)

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