Web Page Reviews - 2014 - December

Hours of preparation with clever twists and turns are reduced to rubble in this 12 minute 500,000 dominoes video. (2014-12)
500k dominoes  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Infographic shows how to be a Google power user. (2014-12)
Create unique drawings by reflecting or diffusing the central light source on the left and an exposure slider button on the right. (2014-12)
Light drawings  (keywords: Art, light)
Collection of motorcycle road racing videos as fast as 175 mph. (2014-12)
Motorcycle racing vids  (keywords: Motorcycle)
Search for a movie by exploring through over 50 feelings. (2014-12)
Explore the world. How many places can you identify? (2014-12)
Geo guesser  (keywords: Geography, general)
Exploration of lost civilizations, sacred writings, ancient places, unexplained artifacts, scientific mysteries, and more. (2014-12)
Ancient origins  (keywords: History, general)
Amuse yourself with quotes from such 'intellectuals' as Mark Twain, Robin Williams, and dozens more. Browse by topic or author. (2014-12)
Brainy quotes  (keywords: Books, quotes)
Extensive collection of free MS Word templates (also compatible with other Office document preparation alternatives). (2014-12)
LibreOffice Extensions are tools that can be added or removed independently to your installation of the main program. Hundreds of extensions and templates here. (2014-12)
LibreOffice extensions  (keywords: Office suites, extensions)
Installing Extensions in LibreOffice a downloadable .pdf document. (2014-12)
LibreOffice extension instructions  (keywords: Office suites, extensions)
Automotive news - crash testing, recalls and investigations, tire safety, car seats, and more. Has a safety recall been authorized for your vehicle? (2014-12)
Crash tests  (keywords: Automotive, safety)
'Crazy Circle Illusion' movement within a circle. (2014-12)
Over 900 legacy arcade games to play online. If a coin is needed, see the buttons in upper left corner of the web page to "insert coin" and choose a player. (2014-12)
Internet arcade  (keywords: Games, online)
Social networking website geared to motorcycle enthusiasts, especially owners of Victory and Indian motorcycles. Of particular interest is the Gallery section. (2014-12)
Victory/Indian cycles  (keywords: Motorcycle)
National Bureau of Economic Research is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization dedicated to promoting greater understanding of how the economy works. Search for reports on 'Aging' or 'Retirement' by searching those topics, along with others. Subscribable newsletter. (2014-12)
How economy works  (keywords: Finances, retirement)
Mass Surveillance is the focus of this 6 part investigative documentary series examining who is watching whom and why. (Note: This video series link is being hosted on YouTube by PressTV, Iran's English language news organization.) (2014-12)
Mass surveillance  (keywords: Security, general)
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