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Are you looking for new employment? At Motor City Help Wanted you can search by the field you are interested in or by the area of the city that you want to work. You are able to post your resume. The best thing is that the jobs that are listed here are for Detroit and the surrounding area. (2003-05)
Motor City help wanted  (keywords: Careers)
Time to find a better job? There are companies that are hiring. Monster has over 800,000 job listings. You can search by area and job to find the position that is right for you. (2002-11)
Monster  (keywords: Careers)
Tired of that same ol' job? Need some help preparing to seek out a better one? This site boasts as listing 'the most jobs on the web'. Well, maybe, but it does offer help with resumes, cover letters, interviewing, negotiations, and such. (1999-09)
Career Builder  (keywords: Careers)

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