Web Page Reviews - 2002 - November

Listed below is a web site that has helpful information regarding Diabetes. It will provide you with information on developments and the research for a cure. You will be able to find people to talk to as well as support groups. There is helpful information for day to day living, basics of diabetes, managing diabetes, complications, and coping. (2002-11)
This web site will provide you with information for healthy living as a diabetic. It will provide you with information on food and dining. It has a great archive for recipes. There is a Q&A section, where you will find a glossary and links to other related web sites. (2002-11)
Diabetic Gourmet  (keywords: Medical, diabetes)
Are you involved with finding missing children? There is a program that can help to speed the process along. Through a federal grant you are able to get a free computer, scanner, printer, software and customer support. To learn more on this program, go to: (2002-11)
Missing kids  (keywords: Children, general)
If you need to find a dictionary while on line, or if you are in need of a thesaurus, or need to translate from English to French, German, Spanish, Italian, or if you just need to have help working that crossword puzzle, you can get that help at: (2002-11)
Dictionary  (keywords: Dictionaries, general)
Students, history educators, and general history enthusiasts will find this an excellent site with useful and accurate historical information for a variety of topics and periods. (2002-11)
Best history sites  (keywords: History, general)
Are the kids working on a school project and they need to add a graph? Here is an easy to use site that will help them put their information together and then create area, bar and line graphs and pie charts. (2002-11)
National Center for Educational Statistics - create a graph  (keywords: Government, generalSpace, general)
Are you thinking about retiring soon? Or are you retired and find yourself with more questions than answers? These sites may help to answer some of the questions. (2002-11)
One of the fast growing crimes is identity theft. Check this MetLife site for information on how to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft or fraud. (2002-11)
It seems that we are losing ground with all that is going on in the financial world. Check out these sites to get updated information on the NASD and the NYSE. (2002-11)
NASDAQ  (keywords: Finances, stock)
NYSE  (keywords: Finances, stock)
This is a site that will give you a list of attorneys that specialize in securities arbitration. (2002-11)
Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association  (keywords: Finances, generalLaw, general)
Get breaking news from dozens of online sources from around the world on a single page. (2002-11)
1st Headlines  (keywords: News, general)
Are you thinking about changing your Internet provider? This site will provide you with the pro's and the con's of free and cheap ISP. (2002-11)
Time to find a better job? There are companies that are hiring. Monster has over 800,000 job listings. You can search by area and job to find the position that is right for you. (2002-11)
Monster  (keywords: Careers)
Is your PC safe while you are on line? Are you open to an attack or spam? Test your PC's security here. (2002-11)
It's time for some fun. This site contains game shows, word games, solitaire and puzzles at various levels of difficulty. (2002-11)
Boxer Jam  (keywords: Fun)
Do you ever get a message "file not found"? At Archive you will be able to check for web pages back as far as the early days of 1996. The database is over 100 terabytes. This can be compared to the Library of Congress with a meager 20 terabytes. It has special collections of September 11 pages and there are hundreds of television broadcasts. There is also the Prelinger Archives which features more than 900 industrial, educational and government films that date back as 1903. (2002-11)
Internet archive  (keywords: Internet, general)
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