Web Page Reviews - 2008 - February

Collection of historical NHL goalie statistics. (2008-02)
Discussion forums, user contributed articles and reviews, community photo galleries, download resources, and news from the digital photography world. (2008-02)
Shuttertalk  (keywords: Photography, general)
Learn the fundamentals of networking through online easy to read material and supporting diagrams. (2008-02)
The National Library of Medicine claims to be the world's largest medical library. (2008-02)
Library of Medicine  (keywords: Medical, reference)
Free open source software for recording and editing sounds. (2008-02)
Sound editing  (keywords: Software, open source)
Videos of NHL hockey fights, in addition to other hockey news and stats. (2008-02)
Hockey fights  (keywords: Sports, hockey)
Comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives, and other online resources. (2008-02)
Art cyclopedia  (keywords: Art, general)
Discover great photos and learn about and discuss photography and photo equipment. (2008-02)
Photo net  (keywords: Photography, general)
Free printable day planner forms. Select "printable notebook forms". (2008-02)
View collection of dozens of brands of classic and antique autos. (2008-02)
An odd collection of images intended as wallpaper. (2008-02)
View Internet and microprocessor history, marketing brochures since 1948, this day in computer history, and more. (2008-02)
Inet & CPU history  (keywords: History, computers)
Videos describing the creation of seven origami models. (2008-02)
Dozens of animated, optical, physical, and video illusions in 2D and 3D. (2008-02)
Site "uses real people, who actually compare airfares on airlines that the computer programs can't". (2008-02)
Airfare watchdog  (keywords: Airline, fares)
How to remove your name from mailing, telemarketing, e-mail, and marketing lists, avoid illegitimate sweepstakes offers and promotions, and more. (2008-02)
Mail Choice  (keywords: Postal infoPrivacy, generalTelephones, general)
A social learning site for Photoshop artists, providing dozens of new tutorials and design articles. (2008-02)
Luxa  (keywords: Software, Photoshop)
Collection of deep sky astronomical photographs, tips and techniques for digital astrophotography, and image processing in Photoshop. (2008-02)
Astropix  (keywords: Photography, spaceSoftware, Photoshop)
Five pictures for kids to color online. (2008-02)
Use up/down buttons to view all 55 downloadable font sets. (2008-02)
Fawnt  (keywords: Windows, fonts)
Search here for current local and online tech toy deals. (2008-02)
Ben's bargains  (keywords: Shopping, bargains)
Of particular interest are the time lapse videos of Toronto's skyline. Select "Archives", then "time lapse". (2008-02)
Time lapse Toronto  (keywords: Photography, general)
A unique time zone map with sound. Select a time zone and click on 'My Time'. (2008-02)
Swedish site has hundreds of hockey video clips, many from the NHL. (2008-02)
Test your vocabulary knowledge with the "toughest word game on the web". (2008-02)
Photographer records events that "should not be forgotten and must not be repeated". (2008-02)
James Nachtwey  (keywords: Photography, history)
Just another day in a high-rise. (2008-02)
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